Let’s have coffee + more

I know I said I’ll keep you guys updated with this whole trying to lose weight thing I have going on but I’m failing miserably I don’t even want to write about it but I’ll try today because I have nothing better to do, lol. The last time we talked (read more here) I probably said things were going smoothly. Well, things have gone downhill since then! I have zero exercise. In exchange for that, I have been eating less rice. It was working for a while. My weight went down from 147lbs to as low as 140lbs in a month. IT WAS AMAZING.

However, as soon as I ate rice (just for a week), I gained 3 lbs back! LOL. Ok, it’s not funny, but right now, LOL-ing is all I can do. I was already seeing a working system for me but my work schedule is messing everything up and all I’m seeing is myself eating.

Which just brings me to the conclusion that I really need to exercise and find a system wherein I eat less rice and add (even just a little) of exercise in my daily life. I honestly don’t know how that’s going to work since I have to report to work for 12 hours and commutes take up 4 hours. That leaves me with 8 hours for the rest of the things I want to do with my daily life. How promising, right?

Anyway, that’s my life/weight update so far. I’m nervous since I have to meet the doctor in a month and I have nothing to show for at the moment.

In the other side of my life, if we were having coffee, let me tell you that I was on the brink of moving my whole site to WordPress.org. It’s a move I tried a year ago and failed miserably that I just went back to Premium WordPress. A year after, here I am thinking that it’s a good idea to try it again. My main reason to move was so I could run ads (Nuffnang) on my blog. WordPress premium doesn’t allow you to do that even if you are paying for your own domain.

I was about to move when I asked myself the question why. At the end of the day, I just realized that I keep on blogging not because I want money but because I find it therapeutic. It’s just been a solid way for me to figure myself out and I honestly don’t find the need to try and earn from it (for now). Maybe things will change if my stats would improve but for now, I know in my heart that I love Premium WordPress, especially its wonderful community.

I’m sharing this story because I see tons of blogs/bloggers nowadays that seem to be inauthentic. There are just tons of sponsored posts out there that are full of lies and more focused on money and aesthetic. I don’t want to be one of them. My main goal for my blog is to be an inspiration for others. I post my travel pictures because I want to inspire others to see what the world has to offer. I post my reviews because it gives people an opportunity to take a glimpse of it and hopefully try it out for themselves. I post my music, thoughts, and other random stuff because I want people to engage with me in a healthy and productive way.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say.

BYE. ❤



14 thoughts on “Let’s have coffee + more”

  1. Hello Kat, pakape naman! hihihi

    Alam kong mahirap magexercise at magbawas ng rice at wala ako sa posisyon para magpayo ng kung ano-ano pero ang masasabi ko lang, keep trying!

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  2. (1) I’m also on a weight loss journey right now. I know our timetables are different, but I can at least vouch from experience that once you are able to find time for exercise, you are really going to stick to it. The hardest part by far is to find the time and start. 🙂
    (2) Ako naman I wanted to go back to free hosting. I’m paying for WP premium + domain for a blog that only 2 or 3 people read, iniisip ko if worth it ba yung binabayad ko? Haha i feel like an impostor for owning a “dot com” website pero wala namang solid readership. It’s like I’m pretending to be a “legit blogger” haha. *sigh*
    (3) It’s good that you know why you write and who you write for. I really admire people like that. 🙂

    Tara na’t magkape for real, hahaha!

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  3. You can do it! Rice is always the culprit, pero minsan kailangan pa rin magcheat. haha! Just try to have an oatmeal in the morning or else, eat lots of fruits as a snack. Iwas junk foods!!

    I agree with what you said about the other bloggers. It’s hard to find a really good blog to read, even vlogs. Para lang silang nakikipaglokohan. :3 But then we can do and post whatever we want. Nasa readers na lang 🙂

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    1. OMG. I feel you!!!! Ang hirap talaga. Andun na ako sa point na ayaw ko muna bumalik sa doctor kasi sasabihin lang niya bakit di ka nag lose ng weight huhu



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