K-Review: Goblin

I knew from the get-go that this series was going to be sad. After watching a lot of K-dramas, you get to develop that sixth sense. I was right but I didn’t want to be.


Things I disliked:

There were a lot of things that I disliked about this series. I didn’t understand Ji Eun Tak and why she was desperately wanting to be the Goblin’s bride. Maybe the series that I watched was poorly translated but I still couldn’t figure out why she wanted to be the Goblin’s bride so badly. Why was she presenting herself eagerly immediately? I didn’t understand the concept of Goblins and I guess that’s the reason why this bothered me.

It was just too sad. I hate the idea that one has to die just so the other can live but what I hate more is a Goblin having to live while his bride gets to reincarnate and what not. That’s just sad. That’s not a happy ending. That’s a never-ending punishment and no one deserves that.

I don’t get the whole reincarnation thing. It’s probably because of my religion. I don’t understand the concept nor do I like the thought that we get to have four lives.

THE WHOLE STORY. I honestly don’t get it. It’s probably because of the difference in beliefs between Korea and the Philippines but yes, somebody needs to explain this to me.

Things I liked:

I adored Kim Shin’s and the Grim Reaper’s bromance. I lived for those scenes especially the one where they got their phones!

The soundtrack, obviously. The music definitely took this series to the next level for me. I loved hearing Beautiful and Stay With Me. The soundtrack itself made me feel sadness, happiness, etc. It was perfect.

The characters! I am in love with all of the four lead characters, especially Kim Go Eun. I watched her in the Cheese in the Trap and I cannot believe the complete 360! She is truly a gifted actress and cannot wait for what else she has in store.

* * *

I really dug deep just so I can finish this series. I found it boring and lack luster. The story for me was predictable and there wasn’t anything special I liked about it. Maybe if somebody explains to me the concept of Goblins and the Korean culture, I can give it another go and my opinion about it will change. Until then, I will stand with my opinion and say that this series isn’t really life-changing for me.

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2 thoughts on “K-Review: Goblin

  1. Love the soundtrack for this one, too! I heard that the brains behind it were also the ones behind Descendants of the Sun OST. ‘Beautiful’ is my favorite from the set. 😀 *cue: it’s a beautiful life, beautiful day…*

    I only watched like 4 or 5 episodes of this K-drama because Eun Tak irritated me to the point that I did not want to see her anymore haha. Yes, she was way too eager without even bothering to check what being the Goblin’s bride really mean.

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