20 Extremely Random Facts About Kat

carmoan lol

  1. I don’t get why some people want to work abroad. The money sure is easier but I can’t fathom what you have to sacrifice for it. I know situations are different for everyone and I’m not putting every single OFW in a single pool but I hope you get my point that no amount of money could ever replace the time we lose with the people we leave behind.
  2. I’ve been adulting for quite some time and one of the biggest things I am working on is being financially secure and stable. I don’t want to work for money, I want my money to work for me. I believe in investing for your future, trying various approaches when it comes to growing your money and prioritizing savings and investments on paydays and bonuses. (This is one of the main reasons why I don’t believe in #1.)
  3. Speaking of, one of my pet peeves is people who don’t know how to handle their finances! I know a few people, ahem my sister, who prioritizes material things over her savings. I am not a pro when it comes to handling money but it’s not that hard once you give importance to the things that matter.
  4. I believe in minimalism. The keyword here is: believe, lol. I am by no means a minimalist yet but I am trying to become one. I have been reading about it a lot but I only officially started my minimalist journey last 2016. So far I have pared down clothes and shoes while I’m still emptying my skincare/makeup extras and selling my pre-loved books. I have a long way to go from where I want to be but I am taking this journey one step at a time!
  5. I’m not particularly fond of animals of any kind. I like pretending to kick cats while I run away from dogs (no matter how small and cute they are).
  6. Back in elementary and high school, I was always that person who shit her pants. I’ve always had an inexplicably unpredictable metabolic (?) process growing up! 
  7. I graduated with a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. I picked that course because I saw an ad for an ECE graduate as I was filling up my application form. Without thinking I wrote that course down and as they say, the rest is history.
  8. I wished I studied harder when I was in school. I was always that girl who never gave her 100%. I was satisfied with just passing. Now that I’m older I realize what a difference grades are especially when you want to enter big companies. Disclaimer: I know that grades aren’t everything but you do get me when I say that certain companies look at where you studied and how high your marks are.
  9. I’m obsessed with documentaries. One of my favorites is the film The True Cost. It’s about the fashion industry and how it affects people and the environment. It’s a major factor for #4.
  10. May 23, 2006, was an eventful day in my life. It was the first day of college. It was my first time to ride public transport alone. I probably was the first person to do the number two in Andrew Building.
  11. I was touched inappropriately by a stranger on a bus. I didn’t realize what was happening since the guy was pretending to be asleep and I thought he wasn’t doing it on purpose. Plus, he looked so decent! He was wearing office clothes and he rode the bus with his wife. Men are crazy scary!
  12. I’m a simple/laid back/no sense in fashion kind of girl. I always choose comfort over anything else. I don’t mind wearing the same pair of shoes five times a day especially if it doesn’t hurt my feet while walking. I also don’t mind wearing a single pair of jeans for a whole week.
  13. I have chosen to keep my circle small. I have identified a group of people I really call friends, stopped stalking people on social media oh and yeah, unfriended people on Facebook. It’s nothing personal. It’s a process I am undergoing for #4. We spend so much of our time liking and commenting on people’s updates online but when was the last time we really spent time with them? I am choosing to keep my circle small so I can fully be there for the people that matter. I don’t need a lot, what I need are true people who will be there for me.
  14. I can’t keep up with social media. If people want to keep up with me, they have to reach out to me in real life. Same goes, if I want to keep up with you, I’ll message you.
  15. I like Korean Music. I love Big Bang and 2NE1. Check out: Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby and 2NE1’s I am the Best. Two of my all time faves.
  16. I like Korean series. My fave would have to be Coffee Prince but I just finished the series Another Oh Hae Young and my world got shattered.
  17. I met my boyfriend, Mike, when I was twenty-three years old. He is my first boyfriend. He is my last. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.
  18. I’ve had a lot of run-ins with boys when I was in college. Hey, your girl isn’t all that bad in the looks department! What makes all of this weird and awkward is the fact that I was so bad at handling boys and figuring them out. I was so bad at it, I once let this guy hold my hand because we were friends. I was so bad at it, I tried to change my fashion style for one. I was so bad at it, I was texting one until the wee hours of the morning because I was a friend. I was so bad at it, another guy I was texting got mad at me because I was leading him on. I was so bad at it, I’ve never been on an official date until Mike. I was so bad at it, there once was this guy who compared me to a rubber band that he can play with when he felt like it.
  19. Despite all this, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I met Mike. He is such a wonderful guy. As a girlfriend, I feel like I’m very demanding, clingy and needy. I know I need to change this BUT with a boyfriend as patient as the one I have, I won’t be changing anytime soon. 😛
  20. I’m scared of the future. I want to have a well-planned and perfect life for me and the people I love. I know that that’s impossible which scares me. I always want the best for my family and I want secure futures for them. I want to control everything but I know that I can’t do that which in turn just freaks me out because I have to let life run its natural course. I don’t know. I guess I just love my family too much and I worry. I worry about them because I’m afraid they’ll make the wrong choices. 😦

This is me in my most honest and natural form.


25 thoughts on “20 Extremely Random Facts About Kat”

  1. Well to answer the first one, it’s also about fulfillment. Most nurses can’t find a decent job in the Philippine so we’re aiming more. I can relate on you in most things even keeping the circle of friends small. One of my friend told me, it doesn’t matter how many are your friends, in the end are they real? You’ll know who are real when a problem arises.

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    1. Everyone has their own reasons. 🙂 But I hope you get what I meant by the time the families spent apart is irreplaceable. 😦 I just hope in the near future Filipinos won’t have to leave just to be able to provide for their families.


    1. Hindi nga??? OMG Hahahahaha!!!! What college are you from?? I feel hindi pa kita nakikita in person though, kasi naka night shift ka… I’m on day/mid and wala ako sa UT3 😦


  2. I agree with that. Yes, I do get their point that they have to be practical and all for the sake of their family’s future BUT money cannot buy memories and time. You can earn as much money in our country, you just have to work for it. It’s so obvious that people want easy money. Pffft.

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  3. Nice to know you, Kat!

    In terms of working abroad, I’m not into it as well. I see other countries as travel venues only, no plan on staying long and do some job. I’m a CPA, but nah, don’t ask about managing my own finances. Haha. I have at least reserve and emergency funds, plus few savings and investments. But I still can’t afford to ignore those red SALE signs everywhere, even online. Haha. Comfort over fashion, high five! My biases are SJ, SNSD, Shinee and F(x). 🙂

    Glad that you’ve found The One, despite all those “I was so bad about it” moments. Btw, I was triggered by that guy who compared you to a rubber band that he can play with when he felt like it. Argh. Don’t allow him to define you, girl.

    Lastly, I will leave this verse to you: Jeremiah 29:11. Know Who holds your future and trust Him. 🙂

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