K-Review: Oh Hae Young Again

This story is about Park Do Kyung and how his life is entangled with two Oh Hae Youngs. The first Oh Hae Young was his ex-fiance. He got dumped on the day of their marriage. While the second Oh Hae Young is someone whose life he ruined because of revenge.

Oh Hae-Young (Seo Hyun-Jin) is dumped by Han Tae-Jin (Lee Jae-Yoon) on the day before their wedding. She is unable to tell the truth about what happened and lies to others about what happened. She works as an assistant manager for a company’s restaurant division. She pretends that nothing happened.

Meanwhile, Park Do-Kyung (Eric) is a popular sound engineer. One year ago, he was supposed to marry Oh Hae-Young (Jeon Hye-Bin), but she did not appear at their wedding. He became desperate. Later, he hears from his friend Lee Jin-Sang (Kim Ji-Suk) that Oh Hae-Young is about to marry Han Tae-Jin. Park Do-Kyung gets drunk and places her fiancé in a difficult predicament. Park Do-Kyung is unaware that the fiancé is about to marry another woman named Oh Hae-Young. The fiancé is soon imprisoned and right before his imprisonment he lies to Oh Hae-Young. He tells her that he does not love her anymore, but he also vows to take revenge on Park Do-Kyung. For his part, Park Do-Kyung soon has visions of a woman he has never met. He soon realizes the woman is another Oh Hae-Young. –AsianWiki

oh hae young

The Review

I’ve watched a lot of K-Dramas before but this one has to be the best so far. I loved the usual romantic feel of the series but I also love the uniqueness and depth of its story. True, the plot is simple but all the storylines surrounding it gave the story more color than usual.

I especially loved Park Do Kyung’s character. He has this mysterious cloud surrounding him but as soon as his real character was revealed, we saw a character that was scarred but was willing to change. I loved how in the end his character truly developed. I loved, and I mean truly loved, how his character has grown throughout the series. There’s also so much we can learn from his character. I’ll try to list them for you: 1) You shouldn’t drink and plan revenge. They almost always fail. 2) Don’t be afraid to live your life. Take that plunge even if you’re down in the dumps, there’s always a better tomorrow and a brighter future. You just have to keep on moving. 3) Be passionate with your craft. Don’t do things half-heartedly and settle for second best.

I guess you can see how much I love this guy and his character. Honestly, this whole series was a hit for me because of him!

I loved Oh Hae Young. It’s true most of the things and feelings she experienced I never have had felt myself BUT that still didn’t stop me from connecting with her. I found myself living through her as she recalled her youth and how she was so insecure of the other Oh Hae Young. As she was going through her heartbreak, it made me feel like I wanted to suffer with her. And as she was willing to give love another try, I wanted to support her and wish her the best.

Her character was so easy to love and connect with. It made watching her (and her character) so relatable.

I loved the all the other characters and their stories. This series is a love story but not all love stories are filled with happiness. I personally loved Park Soo Kyung’s love story. In the beginning of the series, we are shown a drunkard. A woman drowning her sorrows in alcohol but it wasn’t until the latter episodes did we truly understand why. She was heartbroken. She has an unrequited love. And she chooses to forget her unfortunate situation by drinking every day.

I also love Oh Hae Young’s parents. They are so freaking cute! ❤ I loved how they were so supportive of her new found love and how compromising they were just so their daughter can be happy. I also appreciated how realistic their reactions were especially during the beginning of the show when Oh Hae Young’s marriage didn’t push through.

All I’m saying is that everybody and I mean all the characters, have well thought of backgrounds and backstories that definitely made the series more fun to watch.

Overall, however, what I truly loved about this series are the lessons I gathered from it. I watched this series at a time where I am emotionally unstable (read: a bit sensitive because someone I love has passed) and I appreciated the lessons it was relaying to its viewers.

  • To love with all your heart is important. Don’t be afraid to take leaps of faith just so you can have what your heart truly desires. Just like how Oh Hae Young decided to give her best as she loved and tried to win over Park Do Kyung.
  • As long as we are alive, we have choices and these choices make up our lives. I find that the visions Park Do Kyung have turned out to be a blessing for him. If he hadn’t had them, I know for a fact that he would live a simple and safe life. He also wouldn’t have taken the chance on love again. This is a great reminder that we must be bold in making our choices. We must look within our hearts and make choices that would best fit our lives.
  • There are different kinds of love and it helps us grow as persons. Don’t just focus on intimate kind of love because there are different kinds out there. Once you find a love that works for you, find it and never let it go. Also, don’t be afraid to grow because of it.

I loved this series and I highly recommend that you watch it yourself. Here’s the trailer to get you going!

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