K-Review: Jealousy Incarnate

I am in love with Jo Jung Suk. I will watch any show he stars on joins in. Jealousy Incarnate is no exception! 

This show is about Lee Hwa Shin (Jo Jung Suk) and Pyo Na Ri (Gong Hyo Jin). Pyo Na Ri has had a crush on Lee Hwa Shin for the past three years. This all comes to an end as she falls in love with Lee Hwa Shin’s best friend, Ko Jung Won (Ko Gyung Po).

Things I love

JO JUNG SUK. Just look at how pleasing to the eyes this guy is. He knows it and he uses it to his advantage very much. Every smile, every smirk is well thought of to make the viewers swoon for him.

GONG HYO JIN. I love this girl and how she acts. She looks very simple but her acting arsenal is well packed. She matched both her leading men’s energy.

KO GYUNG PO. I fell in love with this guy. I loved how sincere he looked every time he and Pyo Na Ri had scenes. I had legit second lead syndrome because of him.


Cancer. My father died because of cancer and I will forever support any show or movie that will encourage viewers to get themselves checked up. Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence especially if diagnosed in the early stages.

I loved how this series gave me a glimpse of how Korean broadcasting is. Of course, the scenes here are over the top but it is still interesting to see. As always, passion and determination are needed for any job.

I most especially loved Pyo Na Ri’s persistence in her job. She never quit even if everyone around her said she should just be satisfied with what she already has. She continuously pursued her dreams and made sure it became reality.

Things I didn’t love that much

I’m not in love with the storyline of how Lee Hwa Shin treated Pyo Na Ri at all. Sure I’d be annoyed too if someone who had a crush on me would stalk me for three years but that is not an excuse to be an ass and treat people like trash.

Lee Hwa Shin, the trash. His character was very rude, abusive and self-centered. Sure he’s very easy on the eyes but I’d be damned if someone was like that in real life.


This series started off real well for me. I loved that cancer was also thrown into the picture and it raised awareness for its viewers. I loved that it started off with depth.

Unfortunately, as the series progressed, the show revealed it’s true colors for me. It became about a lovesick woman trying to get over her first crush. She used a rebound to try and get over him but it was evident that she was never going to get over him. She was in love with him and things aren’t going to change easily.

It was a fun watch. Would I recommend it to you? I guess but beware of the adult content in this series. Nothing X-rated for sure but it shows a bit more than most Korean dramas I’ve seen.

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