Eyebrow Stencils?

I got these stencils for my eyebrows last Christmas and I haven’t used them at all. I honestly don’t want to use them since I already have a personal preference when it comes to styling my brows but let’s just do it and see what happens!

I’ll be using the products below for today:

Processed with VSCO with a8 presetProcessed with VSCO with a8 preset

First impressions

The stencils are made from plastic but it’s not the flimsy kind so I hope it’ll be easy for me to hold it and try to color in my brows with the other hand. The eyebrow kit, on the other hand, comes with this tiny brush that has plastic bristles which feel kind of rough to the touch. The shade looks a bit dark. I wonder how it’ll turn out once I use it.

Try On

My face was a bit oily when I tried this making the stencil stick to my face. It wasn’t enough to hold it in place during the duration of the try-on, though. Since there were three shapes to choose from, I picked the one which had the closest shape to my natural one. A tad bit disappointing since I wanted to try the straight one but I didn’t know how to cover my existing brows. 😦


I used the Skin Food Powder Cake for my right brow, while I used an eyebrow pencil on the left. As you can see, the one on the left looks strong since the pencil really outlined my brows. On the right, it seems as if my brows were just colored in.


I honestly think I should have tried with a person who has sparse eyebrows to better show if this tool would help! I think it’s a fail for me, lol.


I can’t really say if this tool would help make-up beginners since it would greatly depend on what kind of eyebrows they already have. Also, since you have to hold the stencil yourself, there is a risk that your two eyebrows wouldn’t be even (which is what happened to me the second time I tried it). I don’t think it’s worth it!

The Skin Food Powder Cake, on the other hand, was brilliant! I love how natural my brows still looked after application. I was worried that it would be noticeable but incredibly it wasn’t! It just filled in the spaces my brows had. If I would invest in it, however, I’d probably choose a lighter shade.

This product reminds me of this video which was hilarious!

Have you guys tried eyebrow stencils before? How was your experience like?



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