Working with a 16GB Phone

Why don’t you have Facebook on your phone? A friend recently asked me. I answered, “because I only have a 16 GB phone.”  

He looked at me with a puzzled look and I explained further. If you don’t know as well, let me tell you that Facebook eats up a ton of space on your phone. Same goes with Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and basically every other social media app there is. I have yet to find an app that doesn’t eat up my space!

* * *

It’s been a year since I bought my phone with a 16GB storage and I have yet to complain. Sure it’s a pain when I have to go through all my photos to free up some space, but it’s all worth it in the end.

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My trusty 16GB phone
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All I need ❤

You might ask how I do it? Here’s how:

  1. Don’t take a lot of selfies. As a matter fact, don’t take selfies. If you really want to, just make sure to pick your best and delete the rest. Same goes with burst photos. Just pick the best, delete the rest. 
  2. Pick your apps. If you find an app that you seldom use, just delete it. If in case you use productivity apps, try to go for those that can multitask to save space.
  3. For your games, keep the ones that you always play. Delete the ones that have already passed its prime, ahem Pokemon Go.
  4. If you’re the kind to use the notes app like me, try to switch to the classic pen and paper. You’d be surprised at how ugly your handwriting has become!
  5. If you like to document memories using photos, create a photo blog or just post it in a blog, like me! Are you not the kind to have blogs? Try to opt for cloud services or sites like Flickr.
  6. Stream music using apps like Spotify or SoundCloud.
  7. Go through your phone’s storage details, find the app that eats up space and either delete the app completely or just some data from that app.
  8. Always be mindful. Your phone is not your life. It’s basically for communication! Keep the messenger apps but delete the other SNS apps. It’s all about becoming mindful and prioritizing which apps you really need!

These tips are damn useful but you might ask, why should I do this when I can opt for a phone with a bigger storage and just live life with ease? My answer is simple. We live in a world where we are so dependent on technology. We have to update our SNS. We have to know what’s the latest trends. We feel we have to know everything! But do we really need to? I say we don’t. It’s better to live a life with meaning and purpose. A cluttered phone gives us so much reason to live a cluttered life. With a purpose-filled one, we get to choose the direction we want to live and give more priorities to the ones that matter.

Look at how uncluttered my phone is. #priorities

My minimalism journey lives on. I choose to simplify my life by giving more priorities to the things that matter. I hope this simple post inspires you to do the same!

* * *

I just realized that the iPhone 7 has 32GB as its lowest storage capacity. Well, this post becomes trash. Lol. Unless you want to buy an iPhone 6S.


10 thoughts on “Working with a 16GB Phone”

    1. OMG Andy what are you doing with your life??? LOL. Take it as a challenge and filter your photos! Videos and photos eat up most of the space anyway. 😀



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