Cyber bullying Part Two

This topic is a very sensitive one. Some people believe that they aren’t cyber bullying people but rather only practicing their freedom of speech. In this post, let me practice mine.

I first wanted to write about cyber bullying months ago. In fact, maybe it was a year ago. It was during the time when I was entranced by this blogger, CJ. Last year, she practiced her freedom of speech by calling out another blogger, KM, on Twitter. CJ announced to the whole Twitter-world the similarities plagiarism  between her and KM. CJ went on and on and on about it. At first, I sided with CJ after seeing the similarities myself. Days, weeks, months, tweets and retweets passed and the issue was still not over. Maybe it was KM’s fault for not voicing out her side but the fact was the issue still existed.

I knew something was wrong when I checked CJ’s account and saw that she and some of her readers were interacting with fake accounts of KM. I went over stalked those countless accounts and was disgusted with what I saw. Plain and simple, that was harassment. It was cyber bullying. That was wrong.

No matter what KM did or didn’t do, no one should create fake accounts of people under the premise of calling people out. Everyone deserves respect, even those who did wrong.

I decided to keep quiet and not write about that incident because I was scared. I worried that if people CJ and her legions of fans read what I thought, I would get attacked. I didn’t want to get cyber bullied myself. I am a sensitive person deep inside and I couldn’t handle people attacking me online.

I got scared. I decided to keep quiet.

What changed? Why am I now writing about it? I am an avid fan of the social media Twitter. It is the only social media site/app that I frequently visit. But you’d be surprised at how much hate there is there.

It has to stop. 

We all have the right to freedom of speech. Everybody is welcome to voice out their opinions but there are lines that cannot be seen and often times those lines are crossed. We must be responsible while we use this freedom. If you’re not being responsible, you’re not doing it right! We are in an age where expression of oneself, even if it’s offensive, in the internet is becoming the new norm. Don’t be part of that crowd. Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you’re the only one standing!

Remember to use your voice and your platform correctly, positively and responsibly. Be examples to the youth. 

As a blogger, all my thoughts and opinions are out in the internet world. That thought itself is scary.  Every time I post something I always think. I always wonder if it is the right message I want to send across. Is it what I truly believe in or I just want a like?

I ask you, my readers, what do you think of cyberbullying? What can we do online and offline to make sure cyber bullying stops or at least doesn’t become normal?

* * *

This post isn’t meant to bring light to the CJ and KM issue. This post is meant to make people think. If either CJ or KM reads this, I apologize that your names had to be brought into this discussion. I decided to use your issue to better prove a point. I also hope that in the end, love and kindness wins. I hope your issue gets settled and both of you could continue making quality content for the world to appreciate.



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