Let’s have coffee

Hi guys! How’s your 2017 so far? Mine has been expensive, materialistic and unnecessary. Grab a chair and let’s have a little chat! Shall we? 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the start of the year is proving to be expensive. I’ve been to the mall countless of times (it also doesn’t help that I work near one) and I’ve been splurging myself with things. So far I bought two sweaters I probably won’t wear in this tropical weather, a pair of shoes I don’t really need, four pairs of socks, jeans, four tops I don’t know if I’m ever going to wear and tons of skincare that’ll probably last me a year. I told you. It’s proving to be expensive. The only good thing about this is during the Christmas season, I didn’t buy much so I have the budget for all this. But still, I want to be a minimalist and this isn’t what a minimalist (or a wanna be minimalist) should be doing. I’m still going to use the “I’m going through something” excuse for this though. I don’t buy it, however, lol. 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my niece and nephew are both in front of me with their gadgets. They’re only 8 and 10. It’s such a young age to have a gadget and to be addicted to it. My nephew can’t stand a day without borrowing his mom’s iPad to the point that my sister can’t even use it when she wants too. I’m trying to limit their internet access though. I’m being selfish with the password and I give them time limits if they want to use it. Sometimes they get mad but I don’t care. I couldn’t even use the internet when I was younger. I think I had full access to it only when I was in college. My dad was very strict about computer time and only let us use it when we had homework. 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m trying to limit my gadget time. I work ten hours a day and I’m always in front of a computer. I’m always holding my phone or iPad. My eyes don’t get rest and I want to change that. Right now I’m typing this on my iPad instead of a computer to try to lower my radiation time (?). I hope this little things help for a better and healthier me. This also means I’m going to end this coffee session because I want to read a book. 😝

Lastly, if we were having coffee, I’d like to know how your week was. What are your plans for the upcoming week? I’d love to have a chat. Let’s talk! See you in the comments below. 🙂 


29 thoughts on “Let’s have coffee”

    1. right now trying to finish The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett… di ko masyado type yung start. ang hirap tapusin tuloy haha! ikaw, may binabasa ka ngayon?


      1. I know that feeling. 😀 I’m currently reading Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. Nahihirapan akong tapusin not because hindi siya maganda but because nasira ang iPad ko, at hindi ako kumportable magbasa sa phone ko. Sa laptop naman hindi ako nakakahiga, nakakangawit eh. HAHA mga rason eh no .. 😛

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      2. I know haha. Kaya pag nagbabasa ako, pag alam kong medyo strained na ang mata ko, hindi ko naman pinipilit. 😀 Sa play books may setting dun na pang night eh, it cancels blue light daw well yun ang ginagawa ko pag sa phone ako nagbabasa.

        I prefer reading books din naman, pero kasi ang problem ko natatambak lang siya dito sa bahay after ko basahin. Eh nagbabawas na nga ako ng mga abubot kasi. 😀

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      3. Buti hindi mabilis ma-strain mata mo. Ako kasi mga 10-15 mins lang na basa ng ebook, masakit na kagad mata. Kaya no choice ako talaga! 😦


      4. Hindi naman, kaya bago ako magbasa inaayos ko muna ang settings talaga. Yung size dapat sakto lang talaga tapos iniiwasan ko magbasa sa madilim kahit na ba ebook pa yan. 😀 Tapos pag nagbabasa na break break din pag may time diba. Tingin sa malayo. Ganun. 😀

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    1. Good luck! How I wish I could just be studying. Ang hirap magtrabaho. 😥 I’ll try to post about it. Nakakaaliw mag try mag flat lay. Ang hirap pero nakakaaliw. 😀 Have a good week!! 🙂

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  1. Hold on, let me get my black coffee.

    There we are.

    This shopping thing, it’s probably because it gives you some sort of therapeutic effect? I mean, that’s what I usually feel too whenever I buy my crap – video game titles, tarot cards, and notebooks and pens. Lots of notebooks and pens. 😀

    You ought to start teaching the kids internet discipline.

    I’ve started my year sleep-deprived. And I’ve been a couple of days sleep-deprived. Meeting a lot of people, house parties, rooftop parties, and lots and lots of tarot reading requests. A lot of them asked me what’s in it for them this 2017, most especially with career and relationships. Whew.

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    1. Ayyy, lots of notebooks and pens. Something both you and I have in common! It is therapeutic, to be honest, but it’s so expensive. The cost outweighs its benefits. I have to find a better (and less expensive) alternative.

      The problem with kids nowadays (sobrang tanda ko pakinggan lol) is they don’t listen. They think they deserve something or have certain ‘rights’. I try to discipline the kids but they just don’t listen tapos wala di naman nakikinig.

      I hope you’re getting paid for your services. Puyat ka man, may pera naman. Hahaha. Try to get some sleep my friend. 🙂


  2. If we are having coffee, I would like to tell you that I just finished drinking my green tea. I have colds and I am alone in a small library checking the journals of my Grade 11 students.

    Just a random stranger dropping by.

    Allen, FMS

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  3. It doesn’t really help that you work near a mall and want to check out some stuff regularly. I used to work near one myself before and my friends and I would automatically jump to it after we’ve signed out. I think some of the stuff will be useful one of these days, don’t worry about it. It sucks when the younger generation get attached to these gadgets, I used to love spending time with my elder relatives talking and playing when I was little. Have a great week!

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  4. I have two kids that love gadgets, too. Limiting screen time can be difficult (how can they become gadget-addicted at such a young age?!) but so necessary. We try to put them down and interact or go out as much as we can. Have a good week!

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  5. I have an almost 3 year old son we are trying to avoid technology with but I fear he sees me on mine all the time so I am trying to limit my time on my phone as well.

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