Let’s have coffee

Oh , ut we haven’t had coffee in a while! Shall we go sit somewhere comfy and start this long overdue sharing session?

* * *

If we were having coffee, I’d tell/remind you my dad is sick. I am sad, tired and in need of distractions.

I got what I was asking for last Thursday. Long story short: There are two Filipino bloggers who are having a feud over on Twitter. Blogger A is accusing Blogger B of plagiarism, etc. Blogger B has been quiet about the issue (on social media) ever since Blogger A has called her out months ago. I don’t know the real score between them and honestly would not like to but I was in need of a distraction.

I tweeted Blogger A telling her that the bottom line is this issue should be taken offline since tons of people are already meddling in the issue. She replied. I replied. I’m not here to talk badly about her so I won’t go through what she tweeted BUT I have deleted my tweets and so has she. 

The whole incident disappointed me beyond words. First, the plagiarism part. If somebody copied my work and claimed it as theirs I’d be pissed beyond words. Second, with how the whole situation was handled. Both of them are influential people with their own following. Things could have been handled in a more civilized way, one where cyber bullying isn’t involved. And lastly, I’m extremely disappointed with millennials and the internet. I might just be getting old but I’m beginning to have difficulties understanding how the younger generation/millennials think.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Mike and I were just talking about how I’m having a hard time coping with people and how they act.

  • Why people keep on buying things they don’t need…
  • Why people are so obsessed with Forever 21 and H&M….
  • What’s up with how the kids are dressing up these days…
  • Why millennials are internet dependent…

I asked him why do I have these questions. Is it because of my desire to become a minimalist, I’m watching too many documentaries or I’m becoming more mature. Obviously, he said it was because I was growing up! I’m not sure if that’s the reason but it sure did make me feel good. 😀

Despite how messed up life is lately, I welcome willingly any form of distraction. It clears up my head and takes me to another realm where I can just forget.

I wish I had more to say. I wish I could openly write about the stuff going on in my personal life and my dad. I wish I can go back to the time when everything was okay. I wish I can stop time. If only my wishes can come true.


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