One day my brother tells me about this body groomer that he saw online. He tells me he wants it and asks me if it’d be okay to use my credit card. Being the amazing and wonderful sister that I am, of course, I agree! 😛 I tell him about the LBC Shipping Cart and how it’s supposedly a cheaper alternative for buying things from the US. Long story short, I got him to agree to try it out. Here’s our experience using LBC Shipping Cart!

The Process

I first created an account on their website. After entering all the needed details, I was given my own US Shipping Address.

shipping cart1

I then headed to Amazon to do some online shopping. Upon check out, I just provided my US address and et voila, the deed is done! I was actually very skeptical about doing online shopping, especially in a country so far away and also whose currency is 50 times larger than mine, but I just made that jump. The good thing about Amazon is it’s a big company that has a lot of positive reviews and, of course, quality shipping! They shipped my items via UPS which made it possible for me to track it the whole time. Plus I got regular e-mail updates from them!

My package was supposed to arrive on August 29th  at my US address and I got an e-mail from LBC Shipping Cart on the 30th that they accepted my package. However, it was only after a few days was I be able to view it on their website. FYI: There was no delay in terms of the arrival of my package, the difference between the dates was just caused by the time zones.

On September 3, I got an e-mail that I can already view my package and it’s already ready for shipping! YEY.


I log in to my account and this is what I see. I was actually so pleased that they have a photo of what was sent! Seeing it definitely made me want to shop more! (I didn’t, by the way.) I got my package estimated for it’s shipment cost and hit the Ship It button.

shipping cart2

shipping cart3

shipping cart4

I then had to choose my method of payment and provide all other relevant information. Next, I clicked the Pay & Ship button.

shipping cart5


You can pay via LBC counters, credit card or Paypal. I opted to pay via credit card so I was redirected to their Pesopay Payment Service. Once completed, I got a transaction number which I used to track my package as it makes it’s way to the Philippines. By September 13, I received an e-mail informing me that my package is already in-transit. Included in the e-mail was a link that could track it. Our package arrived the next day!



Some things to consider

It was our first time to get something shipped from the US. I don’t know other companies who do this kind of thing nor do I have any prior experience with such. Having said that, my first and hopefully only experience felt very safe and it’s price, I think, was reasonable. What sets this experience apart from the rest is the assurance that the LBC Shipping Cart team gives you as soon as they receive your package. The pictures they provided reassured me that the products I got online were all physically there and that there were no issues with it. Overall, the whole experience was pleasant and I highly recommend them if you are planning to buy things from the US!

Have you tried LBC Shipping Cart before? How was your experience?


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Alright, this is awesome! I’ve been wanting to shop for some cool stuff down there at Amazon US. They have the tarot deck I’ve been wanting to have, and also this Ted teddy bear (the Ted from the movie) that speaks explicit words and all that jazz. Now that makes it possible for me too.


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  2. Shipping Cart sucks especially their customer service! My shipment was expected to be delivered on August 22 but until now my shipment is yet to arrive. They are not even updating me about the status of my shipment. Plus it takes weeks before their customer service / twitter account replies. My shipment was supposed to be my gift to myself for my birthday 😦

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    1. Omg! That sucks! I also read somewhere that since the -ber months their service has gotten worse, maybe due to the influx of packages/orders. I hope you get it sorted out, bug them until they finally reply. Wishing you the best! ☺️



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