Visual Diary: Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines

My boyfriend grew up in Marinduque province, that’s about 221 kilometers away from Manila. It has always been a fun fact of his that he has never, not even once, set foot in Rizal Park (or any of the historic sites in Manila). So one Saturday, I asked him if he was okay to have our date in Manila to visit Rizal Park and The National Museum of Fine Arts. He obviously said yes.

I have been here before numerous times, thanks to elementary school field trips, but this little excursion of ours was the first time I stepped foot here as an adult. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw and I actually wanted to stay longer and have a picnic in one of the gardens there. This park is a true beauty. I wish more people would visit this place again and be amazed with what they find.

Rizal Monument

With the “Pambansang Photobomber”
It’s not so bad. It’s all about angles.

Postcard views

Chinese Garden

There was an entrance fee of P10. Inside you’ll be greeted by a very serene setting filled with luscious trees and pagodas. During our visit, there were people who were sleeping. I was kind of scared because I thought they were homeless. However, the garden is pretty big, all you have to do is find your own spot then you’re all set.

Entrance to the garden
Details of the entrance


Love this shot!

Japanese Garden

There was also an entrance fee of P10 here. When we went there, the entrance to the garden was being renovated. Upon entering you’ll be able to see this huge gong. Compared to the Chinese garden, the Japanese garden was smaller.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Other sights as we continued to walk


Lapu-lapu monument
Soul waves. Korean families and visitors who lost their loved ones during WWII and after can offer prayers here/
The back side of the Museum of the Filipino People

Front side of the Museum of the Filipino People

There were other spaces and smaller parks all over but we decided to skip it since we had a date with the National Museum of Fine Arts. Overall, it was a nice experience walking around Rizal Park and I actually (really, cross my heart) want to return. I might bring food and drinks next time and stay longer in one of the gardens.

I love you Philippines!

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11 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines”

  1. ang nilakad pa lang ng mga bata e yung hanggang national museum palang. not across the two roads up to the grand stand.

    pero ako suki ako nung college dito. Adamson kasi kapitbahay lang. 😀

    5 pesos pa din entrance sa mga gardens?

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