13 flower inspired baby names

Here are thirteen flower inspired baby names I’d want to name my babies in the future.

Ren In Japanese, the meaning of the name Ren is “lotus.”

Jarred The name Jarred means “rose” in Hebrew.

Azalea The Greek and Hebrew meaning of the name Azalea is “flower,” however it also happens to be a beautiful flower that belongs to the Rhododendron.

Briar-Rose Did you know that Sleeping Beauty’s name is actually Briar-Rose? Known as Princess Aurora in her kingdom, Sleeping Beauty was renamed Briar-Rose by the fairies.

Poppy Jamie Oliver named his daughter Poppy. It’s a fun and sweet name with a whole lot of personality.

William Did you know that there is a sweet William flower? It’s true!

Iris Funny enough, the purple Iris’s meaning is “rainbow.”

Holly Known for its red berries, the Holly tree produces white flowers first that then turn into berries during the holidays.

Ivy English Ivy looks stunning on old brick houses. Its bloom is quite interesting with unique green flowers and tiny little yellow specks.

Maya Many different meanings to Maya ranging from spiritual to traditional (form of May).

Paisley A Scottish name as well a popular fabric design pattern that was ‘all the rage’ during the ’60’s and ’70’s.

Joy Pure and utter happiness.

Harmony A beautiful and musical combination or compilation.

Sunny Bright, happy and SUNNY!

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