Let’s have coffee // Goodbyes and the future

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!

Besides the scheduled Music Mondays posts, I haven’t been here often. I miss creating new and useless stuff for you guys for me. I miss typing on my  slow laptop and seeing my thoughts/ideas get published on my blog.

I have been away because I’m waiting for katblogs.com to expire. It expires tomorrow. On the 30th of August you can type kkatalogue.wordpress.com to see my site. I have a new domain in mind. Maybe on the 30th I’ll get a new premium plan. Maybe not. I’m not yet sure. One thing I’m sure of is the fact that I love doing and buying things on impulse.

All I really want to say is thank you to every single one of you. I want to thank you for a great year and for helping me grow as katblogs. I remember last year when I signed up for my own domain and had these grand plans for my blog. Fast forward a year later, none of those grand plans materialized. But hey, I got new friends along the way and lessons I wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t take that leap of faith.

I”m excited for the future but I also just wanted to take this moment to thank you for a great year. So there….

ps. If we were having coffee, I’d remind you guys that the biggest reason why I wanted to start a blog was so I could practice writing. I haven’t been writing or reading for the past month (thanks to this training at work) and I feel very much out of touch with it. Just now, reading this post makes me cringe because I feel like it’s not well written. I don’t want to hit publish but I have to start somewhere. This is me saying good bye but at the same time saying hello again to the real reason why I started blogging. I hope I’m making sense. I’ll see you in a couple of days with a new domain!


6 thoughts on “Let’s have coffee // Goodbyes and the future”

  1. Are you ‘rebranding’ or just moving your site? Anyway, I have felt the same way lately, and with that is the rehauling/reorganizing turning upside down of my blog. Haha maybe it’s a transition bloggers face. 🙂

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