Let’s have coffee

In this week’s post, it’ll be centered on one issue that has been bugging me – drugs. Plus some stuff here and there. 😛

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my brother saw my blog. You know the one with the big “KATALOGUE” header. Guess what I did a Google search “katalogue blog” and my blog is the number one Google search. I hope my bother doesn’t go out of his way to search it. IF YOU DID, I SWEAR…GET OFF MY BLOG. Kidding…half kidding. -_-

Now that that’s out of the way, if we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the new Philippine government’s fight against drugs. I’m very pleased with what the government is currently doing to combat the drug problem. If I were to be completely honest, I wasn’t fully aware of the severity of this problem. I just thought it was there but I had no idea of how deeply rooted it is and how many Filipinos are affected by it. ANYWAY. Long story short, there’s this sort of vigilante movement going on. Dead bodies are found with cardboard signs on them. People on social media are creating movements (or whatever) that basically calls out the new government and asking for due process etc. I am beginning to get pissed with all of them. Filipinos should be glad that the new government is doing something about the obvious drug problem. What I’m trying to say is…I’m glad that something is being done against drugs. I am NOT, however, pleased with how bloody it’s becoming. But we have to remember that the President said that it will be like war. It will be bloody. I wish it was otherwise. To all those millennials, or whatever, spreading those hashtags, videos, pictures online…I’d ask them to think first. The drug problem is real and it affects them the most. The youth always gets the short end of the stick when the grown-ups don’t do their jobs. Let the grown ups be grown-ups and support this instead. Like, you know, if you know people who use drugs report them. Or if you do drugs, STOP! There will always be supply when there is demand. Lastly, I hope everyone, every single Filipino believes in the process and believes that change really is coming. I am hoping for a bright future for my future children, one where I don’t have to worry if they’ll be using or pushing drugs, so yes I will support this movement even if it’s bloody. (ps Here’s all the deaths since May 9th)

If we were having coffee, I’m sorry that took such a big space on this. It’s just that I am one hopefool person. I am hoping that change really is coming and I want to support the new government as much as I can. For those who’d probably say “I hope no one you knows dies because of those vigilantes/police” I’d say to you that if they do die and if they are proven to have been using or pushing drugs then their death is deserved. They should have stopped. Scratch that, they shouldn’t have been using in the first place. BUT if they are not users or pushers, then I will go to the proper outlets and create hashtags myself to ask for justice.

Oh and ps, I’m pretty appalled by this whole drug issue because I remember when I was in college during class I had this classmate of mine selling drugs to my other classmate. DURING CLASS! Who the **** does that? I mean, the Philippines is considered as a very conservative and Catholic country but this happens during class? In an institution considered as one of the top schools in the country? I studied in DLSU for crying out loud.

If we were having coffee, I’d like to say sorry again. LOL. Let’s move on. If we were having coffee, I’d like to say thank you to all the people who commented on my last Music Mondays. I’m in love with Twenty One Pilots and their music is DA BOMB. Vessels and Blurryface are just two great albums! I’m glad I got introduced to their music!

Love you guys. Don’t do drugs.



9 thoughts on “Let’s have coffee”

  1. Un nga puro black propaganda…for sure hindi naman si Pres Digong ang may pakana nung may mga cardboard. Nakakbuwiset pa yung mga panay ang sabing….’change is coming. But when? Parang…hellooooo……overnight ba matatapos yan?

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    1. DIBA!!! Nakakaasar. Di pa ba naka move on na hindi yung bet nila yung nanalo. Time to work together to make change happen!! Kainis hahaha ka bad vibes ng onti. Onti lang naman.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alana!! It’s such a big problem that I hope can be minimized or controlled soon…in all parts of the world. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment, I’m working hard to make it look amazing 😉

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