Visual Diary: Bohol, Philippines – Part One

It has always been a dream of mine to go to Bohol. It’s such a perfect little island filled with nature’s gifts and wonderful people. Located in the Visayas region, it boasts of the famous Chocolate Hills, Panglao Island, century-old churches and Tarsiers. We came to this little island paradise during the summer, which is ALWAYS the perfect time to travel and hit the beach. Come join me as I reminisce about our getaway.

Right after we landed at Tagbilaran Airport, we met up with our hotel’s representative to introduce us to our guide for our city tour. Bohol is so small, you can actually take the tour for half a day. You can even go wild and rent motorcycles as you explore the city on your own. I wish I knew this before going so we could’ve had a chance to experience the city as locals.


The first thing we visited are these beautiful endangered creatures called Tarsiers. They are nocturnal creatures, so you have to be really quiet while walking and looking at them.





We then headed out to the Loboc River for the Floating River Cruise Floating Resto.



The river itself is so beautiful! The hour-long ride was very relaxing. loboc1



During the cruise, you’ll also get to see the locals perform.



The food itself has room for improvement. It could be a lot better! My photography skills aren’t helping its cause either. LOL.

After that relaxing lunch, we headed out to the man made forest. This place is very picturesque! And the trees…the trees are so beautiful. It’s amazing to think that people planted every single one of it. My faith in humans is restored.




We then headed out to the famous Chocolate Hills!




It was beautiful. Seeing it up close definitely was the highlight of my trip. These chocolate colored hills are just to die for. It really is a sight to see. Unfortunately the last part of our trip I have close to zero photos to share. I was pretty tired from work (team no sleep, night shift represent) and I just wanted to sleep so I totally just stopped taking photos. 😛

However, if you want to know, for the last part of our city tour, we checked out the Butterfly Sanctuary, Blood Compact Shrine, and Baclayon Church.  If you don’t know, Baclayon Church is still under construction after most of it got ruined because of the 2013 earthquake. It was still a sight to see and I can’t wait for it to return to its old grandeur.

Watch out for the second part of my trip to see where we stayed and of course, the beach! ♥


13 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Bohol, Philippines – Part One”

  1. I’ll be going to Bohol in October and I’m glad I found your post because I’ll be going to the same places you did! Too bad about the food on the Floating Resto – that’s half the reason I wanna go on! Was the butterfly sanctuary any good?

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