Visual Diary: Calaguas, Philippines

If you’re looking for the best unspoiled beach in Luzon, I suggest you go to Calaguas! It is located in Camarines Norte, Bicol Region. That’s a ten hour road trip and a two hour boat ride from Manila. Don’t let the travel time stress you, I tell you, it’s all worth it!

Calaguas Map

Calaguas has numerous islands but most of the tours will take you to Tinaga Island to experience Mahabang Buhangin (Long Beach).







There are already accommodations being offered in the island (air-conditioned rooms) but my friends and I joined a tour where we experienced camping and living life like the locals!




Our tour group has organized other activities like island hopping, cliff jumping and snorkeling but my awesome friends were so tired from the trip that we decided to skip it! 😦 Good thing climbing up the highest point in Tinaga Island was scheduled for the next day so we had time to recharge and we were able to have a bird’s eye view!








I had such a fun time here in Calaguas Islands and I can’t see any other beach beating this from the number one spot any time soon.

I hope you enjoyed my little visual diary and wishing it has inspired you to travel to Calaguas!


7 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Calaguas, Philippines”

  1. Calaguas is on our bucketlist. We wanted to go there but got scared when we saw a video on youtube. There was a group taking a boat going to the island and it was really stormy. Anyway, it still is on our bucketlist and we are pretty sure that one day we will see that place, too. You might check out our blog. We are a traveling couple from the Philippines. We just started writing about our trips. Keep on traveling ☺

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    1. The boat ride is scary! Especially the one on the way back. The waves get really big and there’s nothing you can do but hope and pray your boat won’t capsize. Hehehe. I followed your blog. 🙂



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