Mabuhay ka, Pilipinas

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write anything regarding the upcoming Philippine elections. My vote, alongside my opinion, is for me alone. That is what democracy is for me. However, in this time and age, with social media so rampant. How can I hold back?

Politics is dirty, we all know that. But with elections only a week a way, everyone is stepping up their game. I hate it.

Can’t we have an issue/rumor free election for once where we could look at the background and capability of each candidate instead of the usual mudslinging and money-throwing kind? I’m just so tired and fed up with this kind of election – with media making false and misleading headlines, black propaganda to just plain defamation.

I wish for a better Philippines. It can happen if we vote for the right person this coming May 9th. But regardless of who we vote for or who wins the elections, what matters is we, the Filipino people, should be willing to change to make this country great again.

It doesn’t start with the President, it starts with every single one of us. Traffic? Use public transport. Flood? Don’t throw your trash anywhere. Pollution? Go green! Corruption? No to fixers. Sometimes, the solution is right within our grasps. We just don’t like to do it because it starts from us. Change is hard but it is possible. 

So this upcoming elections, I urge every single one of you to vote for the person who you think is most qualified for the job but at the same time challenge yourself (and everyone around you) to start making changes that you want to see. And as a last note, I hope whoever you will vote for, I hope you have in mind the Filipino people and not just yourselves. Don’t be selfish and think about the rest of the nation.

Oh and stop posting your opinions on social media. Malapit na kita i-block.


5 thoughts on “Mabuhay ka, Pilipinas”

  1. Oh gosh, I have the same sentiments. Even watching television irritates me soooo much, those political campaign commercials exhaust me more than ever. Also the streamers, pamphlets, flyers, banners and even songs about the candidates booming in the streets are literally driving me into madness. So exasperating! I just cannot wait for the elections to be over.

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      1. That my friend we’ll see. I’m also crossing my fingers for that. I’m not losing faith that a clean election is possible and that a very deserving leader will be proclaimed.

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