Last week I made an impulsive decision to move my WordPress blog and self-host. My main motivations were to put ads on my blog and design my own website (a personal goal). A few days into it, I already edited a lot of codes and had a page I almost liked. It was time to publish a post. I excitedly hit the Publish button.

I waited.

I hit Refresh.

I can’t see my post in my Reader.

I hit Refresh.

I panic and then consulted my friend, Google.

From research, I came to the conclusion that posts from self-hosted sites weren’t going to show in WordPress readers in real time. I also haven’t found a work around for it.

I am now a proud owner of a half-done website with no chance of my followers to see my new posts. It sucks.

This proved to be a real issue for me because one of the things I liked most about blogging in WordPress is the awesome community that goes with it. You get to talk to people from all over the world and act as if you know each all your lives. I like the sense of belongingness it gives me. I like the idea that I can share whatever is on my mind without people judging me.

This was my turning point. I had to go back. I want to go back to the safety of WordPress and bring all my followers back there.

I searched and I searched. I even contacted JetPack to ask if it was possible to go back. (As of writing, no response yet. It’s the weekend in the US.)

So now here I am, with close to zero followers, typing in my WordPress blog asking myself why did I even move. Why did I make a change without researching everything first? What’s going to happen to me, my followers and all the awesome fun we were having before making this foolish move?

This had to be my biggest blogging obstacle so far.

But if there’s anything this whole thing has made me realize, it was that no matter where I write, how I write or when I write, what matters most is that I do. My biggest dream in life was to become a writer. I gave up on that because I had to be more responsible and choose a job over a dream. This blog, or me blogging, made me find happiness again. This made me become a writer. Even if I only get close to 50+ views a day. Even if sometimes what I write isn’t really beneficial to the world. What matters most to me is that I do. I get to do something I love. This silly little obstacle made me realize that. 

There surely is an uncertainty on whether or not I can move my followers back to WordPress again. Whatever the outcome of that may be, I’m glad I tried moving. It definitely readjusted my focus and reminded me that blogging is more than just a potential source of income. Blogging gives me a chance fulfill my once forgotten dreams. 


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