Let’s have coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how foolish I am. If you haven’t known or noticed, I changed domains and moved everything from here to a new site called hello-happiness.net. I was happy for a while until it dawned on me that my followers couldn’t see my new posts on their readers. I was confident that they would be able to still see my posts because I know someone who moved and I still saw her posts on my reader without having to follow her again or whatever.

My foolishness goes a step further because I was convinced that if I wanted to learn css/coding etc (anything related to me being able to design my own website) I needed to have my own domain. A week into everything, I then realized I could do that offline with a program. *face palm*

So now I’m at a point where I have to choose between this site and my new site. If I were to ask myself point blank, I’d choose this site. For these simple reasons: this is home, self-hosting is slightly inconvenient and I paid for this until July. I’m not saying no to self-hosting, I’m saying maybe next time when I’m ready for all that, I’ll try it again. But right now, at this moment in time, all I need is a simple space for my thoughts.

Anyway, I contacted JetPack support to try and get all my followers from that site back to this site. If they find a solution or agree to move my followers again, I’ll gladly and willingly stay here, if not…I guess I’ll have to start from scratch here and forget all my followers there? I’m not sure, I’ll figure it out.

If we were having coffee, I’d share with you that, yes, I have learned my lesson. I will not be impulsive and jump ships only to go back. LOL. Also, I’d share with you that I’ve come to realize that the real reason why I want to blog is not for fame or fortune. It’s for me. It’s nice to be reminded and it’s going to be even nicer once I get a refund for my little failed project.

If we were having coffee, I’d share with you that elsewhere in my life, everything is pretty swell.

-Work is super fun again! Even if it’s only because I’m not doing anything. I can even take 2 hour “power naps.”
-Personal/family life is still filled with drama but it’s manageable. A little sprinkle of positivity helps.
-Physical/mental state is positive. Even if this hot summer/humid Philippine weather is killing me, I’m still glad to be alive. I’m glad to be given a chance to blog and worry about trivial things like followers and choosing between WP.com and WP.org.

Overall, this week was good. This week reminded me of the things that mattered in life and it gave me a chance to just focus in on my life and readjust how I look at things.

I hope your week was as positive and fulfilling as mine. I’d love to hear all about it. You know the drill, drop a comment and let’s talk over coffee.

Love, Kat


12 thoughts on “Let’s have coffee”

  1. Hi Kat! I’m glad you are feeling positive and happy. I love weekend coffee share as a good way of looking back and reflecting on the week. While writing my post I realised that I’d had a pretty good week too!

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  2. Oh the whole migrating thing is hard sometimes but I did it a couple of years ago. Last month, I impulsively bought a new domain but decided to make that as my writing blog as opposed to my current one which is my personal and ‘life’ blog. I’m glad you had a positive week! It’s only the second time I’ve linked up to weekend coffee share but I’m enjoying this and love finding new bloggers! Hope you have a good week ahead.

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  3. I completely understand your dilemma. I have often thought of moving from wordpress, because so many are doing it, and I wonder if it’s the right thing to do (because I’m still a novice here) in the “blogosphere.” Yet, right about the time I start thinking hard about those options, I go to a site which I can’t “follow” unless I subscribe to their email! I have WAY too many emails as it is to be signing up for another!! 😉

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  4. Great to meet you, Kat. I am quite happy with WordPress but do have a self-hosted domain name. Actually, to be honest, I have a husband-hosted domain. My husband works in IT and bails me out regularly. Now, I’m at best tech lazy and probably an avoider as well. He can’t cook as well as he used to either. Marriage…
    Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for coffee.
    xx Rowena

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