Review: Beef Barn Eastwood

I wanted to try this restaurant out because of two things. First, because I LOVE beef and second, because it is the restaurant of Master Chef 3rd Place winner, Chef Yat.

Ambience: The BF and I always eat dinner at around 10PM so the place is never crowded when we’re there. They have a barn feel going on complete with cow spots (?) as designs and a very ranch-y feel.


Food/Drinks: What I love with this place is the simplicity of their menus. They only offer four basic sets but you can mix and match with their impressive sides. I ordered BB1 (roast beef + rice for 150php) while Mike ordered BB3 (smokey bacon + 2 side dishes).

I am very thankful with the kind of partnership my boyfriend and I have. He knows I have a blog and review restaurants so what he does is he orders the complete opposite of what I order for us to try a lot of food without eating there a million times! Anyway, my roast beef was heaven! I love how I tasted the herbs and it wasn’t too overpowering. The gravy alongside my meal was very complimentary. You can definitely eat the beef without the gravy and it would still be a winner.


For my partner’s meal, I wasn’t a big fan of the smoked bacon. I’m blaming this on the fact that I don’t like sweet things. The bacon had a pineapple sauce which matches the bacon (according to him) but I just didn’t like it. For his sides, he ordered tuyo (dried fish) pasta and greens – french beans and carrots.

The tuyo pasta was delicious. The taste reminded me of spanish sardines-flavored pasta. A bit too oily, to be honest, but it was great nonetheless. The greens on the other hand were THE BEST!!! I LOVED IT. I love the french beans and carrot combination and how it was perfectly seasoned.

The second time we tried this place, I ordered BB2 (roast beef + 1 side for 210) while Mike had BB3 again but with different sides.



I had (again) roast beef with pesto spaghetti as sides. While he had roast beef this time with carbonara and greens. We wanted to taste what the other pasta dishes tasted like and it surely didn’t disappoint. I loved both the carbonara and pesto!

Next time around, I’ll ask if we can skip the rice altogether since this is a carb-ful meal. My body is hating me! 😦

Value/Overall Rating: If you are a meat loving person, this place is right up your alley. If not, their pastas alone will make you happy (I heard you can order the pasta ala carte!). Price wise, it was a little too much but the servings are very generous! You won’t feel like you were cheated. I’m giving this resto a big fat 4 stars.


* * * * *

The Beef Barn

+63 9778508888

Second Floor, Eastwood Citywalk 2, Libis, Quezon City


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