Move On, March!

March Madness

March has been the most difficult month of the year so far. I lost someone dearly this month and even if I haven’t cried a river, I miss him and life isn’t the same without him. What’s worse is the fact that I am saddened by the sadness of the people he left. 😦

I really don’t want to talk about it too much because I want this space to be positive and honestly I want to keep some things private. I guess all I am comfortable sharing with you guys is the fact that I lost someone and it sucks!

In other news, I submitted my blog post to Thought Catalog and it got published! Yey. I get to slash off a bullet in my 30 Things To Do Before Thirty list! And how about that, my own ‘author page’ in their website!

thought catalog

It was also amazing to see someone edit my work. Here is the original post and here is the one published. There’s always room for improvement and I’m excited to submit another post as soon as I can!

Blog wise, do you see my new header? Hahaha. That’s what happens when you don’t want to write but want to update your blog! Oh and I have a blog name!!! **dance party** I thought about it real hard and I think it’s perfect. If there is anything I want this blog to be, it is to be filled with positivity and happiness!

Honestly, this month sucked over-all. It has been clouded by the incident stated above and a bunch of other dramatic/personal stuff I’d rather not talk about. I am so ready for it to be over (hence the early monthly recap!) and welcome April with a BANG!

Okay, that’s it. Love you guys and I’m excited to try and regularly blog again.

Love, Kat


15 thoughts on “Move On, March!”

  1. March on, Kat! I pray that sadness leaves you swiftly and without scars.

    On the writing part, I’m having problems myself. Too many ideas but too little time to actually sit down and write.

    Anyway, congrats on the Thought Catalog posting! The blog name fits you by the way.

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    1. Hey Alicia! I have to be honest, I got jealous when you updated your blog! HAHA. That’s why I wanted to spice things up from my end. So I want to thank you for the inspiration. 😉

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  2. Sorry for you loss and I’m glad you are focusing on positivity and happiness. I’m accessing your post on phone so I can’t see the new header but I will check it out soon and let you know 🙂 Happy April to you!!

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    1. Thank you so much Parul! It takes a lot to focus on positivity but it’s totally worth it. If you have time, I’d love to hear your thoughts about my new header. 😛

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