A Dirty Little Office Secret

I have a secret

I skipped work last night. Why? Well, management was asking us to write down what we do at work. A breakdown of how our day went in terms of tasks. I was not very pleased with it so I skipped work. Sounds shallow I know, but let me tell you more.

Working night shifts means that you get sleepy at night and at times all you want to do is sleep. No amount of coffee, water or physical activity can help you stay awake if your body feels tired. You are after all going against what it used to.

This new stupid rule was implemented during our Monday shift. You can just imagine that a few, no, a lot of us took naps. When I asked my lead if I should include in my “progress report” my nap, he said no. He said “Alam niyo na yun.” (You know that already.) I guess that implies that I lie and not include it in my report.

This is where my issue begins. I value integrity a lot and this just blatantly goes against it. You can’t ask me to write down what I do everyday but omit some tasks that are considered as unproductive. If management wants to check a person’s productivity, there should be a better way to check it.

If you want to solve the problem that a lot of resources are too unproductive, then maybe the team/management should create opportunities for productivity. Simply asking someone for a beautified version of what they have done for that day does not solve anything. Nor does it add to one’s productivity. At best what it does is make the resources more creative in creating their excuses.

I honestly want to write more rants but 1) that doesn’t help my #POSITIVITY2016 2) I’m in a better mood now, writing one wouldn’t help 3) writing on my blog doesn’t solve anything and 4) I should talk to someone in authority to further help me understand this new task and hopefully raise to them my concerns.

But do let me know what you think! I’d love to get your thoughts and opinions about this new task and maybe how I should handle it. Right now I’m going for honesty. Do you think I should just create a beautified version? Should I stoop down to their levels?

ps. I’m not a perfect person but some things I value the most, especially honesty and integrity.


7 thoughts on “A Dirty Little Office Secret”

  1. My previous Company sets that kind of rules too, and I obediently followed. I made a long list of my task, even whom I talked on the phone. Actually, I was trying to piss my boss off and I succeeded. He came to a point that he was lazy to read my list! haha.

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    1. That’s the best suggestion ever! I will do that for later’s shift. 😛 Do you think I should include when I take naps? LOL. That would shine a bad light on me but I really don’t want to lie…

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