Manny Pacquiao and his gay comment

The story: Manny Pacquiao compared gay people to animals. Even saying they are worse than animals. Read more here.

“Do you see animals mating with the same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female. If men mate with men and women mate with women they are worse than animals.”

My Opinion:

I personally don’t understand anyone who is considered as LGBT. I don’t get how they are born as female/male and want to live as another. It’s just something that I don’t have a clear grasp of. But that doesn’t mean I hate or stay away from them. In fact, I have a very close friend who opened up to me about being bisexual. I was actually the first person he opened up about it. I think that experience has made me realize that you may not understand something but it doesn’t mean you can’t respect it.

Having said that, I think what Manny Pacquiao said is very much out of line. It might be his opinion but no person has the right to compare a human being to animals. It’s disgusting. From a political perspective, he just lost thousands (if not millions) of LGBT voters. But honestly, I think what he did is good for our country. Hopefully this shameful incident would awaken my fellow Filipinos to realize what kind of a person he really is and how incompetent he is for the Senate.

Lastly, just getting it out there that I strongly dislike people who are stuck in the past. People (especially Catholics) who can’t seem to move with the change of time especially regarding sensitive topics like LGBT, divorce, abortion and even contraceptives. It’s just one thing that I dislike about living in a predominantly Catholic country.

In the world today, one thing is very important. It is respect. We must learn to respect other people’s decisions and life choices. We don’t have the right to judge anyone because they do not conform to what we believe in. That kind of attitude that does not help make the world a better place to live in.

Ending this blog post with a quote from the bible, taken from Mark 12:31.

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these.”


14 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao and his gay comment”

  1. Kat I like you can’t truly understand the true state of this matter, but the truth is that it’s a very sensitive, emotions laden topic. The Catholic or whatever religious beliefs people have are also striving to protect that which they consider sacred to them and as well as the LGBQT, so it’s really an individual choice as to how one thinks. If the LGBQT are intolerant of religious people and respect their views, then the likelihood is that the sentiments will be returned double fold. These days a Christian is almost afraid of saying their minds lest they are crucified for their belief. To each his own and as a Christian, I am equally tired of a World filled with unnecessary hate. Manny was way out in his words.

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    1. I agree with everything you said. In the end all we need is a lot more respect in this world. ♥️ I just hope manny learned something and the next time he decides to stick to his belief he’d find better words to use ☺️

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  2. Hold up, when I put two and two together that Manny Pacquio is running for senate in the Philippines, I was like whaaa? Man, you know I had to google that! And sure enough, it’s true! (I’m not in touch with Filipino news very often, but this goes to show I should be!)
    And, yes, I agree. I don’t pretend to understand what it’s like to be gay, but I sure do know that if I don’t understand it, who am I to say it’s not legitimate?
    Thank you for sharing, Kat!

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