TV Series: Making a Murderer

I don’t know how to start this review. I want to give you guys an in-depth blow by blow account of everything, from episode 1, but I won’t. It’ll just spoil the whole experience for you. I highly recommend you to watch everything first before going online and reading stuff in the internet. It’s advisable to binge watch. Don’t worry it’s just ten hours of your life!

Here’s my reasons why you should watch this show!

  • I like that this show is so mysterious. You start to watch it and you have zero expectations, you just go along with the flow and let it get to you. You look at all the evidence presented and at the end you come up with your own theory. There are a lot of theories and opinions that make you wonder what really happened.
  • When watching it, you’ll surely feel a wide array of emotions. Never have I found a show that made me feel a lot of things all at once. It makes you sad, curious, angry and even at times appalled with what you were watching.
  • Your inner detective wants to burst out and shout at your television. If you’re into a lot of crime shows, then this one is surely for you.
  • It makes you question everything you believe in. There are a lot of loopholes presented all throughout the show, all of which makes you wonder if what you believe is right was and always has been right.
  • Lastly, you should watch it because it’s so damn intriguing. This show is the ultimate mystery. A lot of things will be shown that will make you raise your eyebrows and think.

If I haven’t convinced you to watch this show, then I don’t know what can! It’s surely one of the best documentaries I’ve watched.

Disclaimer: Only proceed if you have already watched the series and would like to know what I think about this burning question: Did Steven Avery Kill Teresa Halbach?

In my opinion, I have to believe that he killed Teresa Halbach.

First, the evidence presented. Her remains were found at their compound alongside her car. His DNA was inside her car and they found the key in his bedroom.

Second would have to be logic. If you think that the police set him up. Then you are a fool. Just imagine the number of people who were involved during that time. You’d have to ask the entire police force to lie and keep quiet while others planted evidence all around the Avery compound.

Third is, there was no other real suspect. Sure the police could have followed new leads and tried to look at everything from a different angle, but they didn’t. Instead, they pushed through their investigation of Steven Avery.

And lastly, I believe that what Steven Avery went through when he was in prison before changed him. Imagine eighteen years of being locked up for a crime you didn’t commit. That has to change you! Imagine all kinds of people you had to encounter while your stay there. That has to have some kind of effect on him. All the stories he had to listen to, all the friends he had to make and all the anger that grew inside of him.

To fully say that I believe he killed her is a different story. There were a lot of loopholes presented against the prosecution that will make you wonder if everybody did their job the way they were supposed to back then. But the truth is, I need to believe in the idea that they rightfully committed him this time around. I need to believe that justice was served for Teresa Halbach.

If in case, Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey aren’t guilty, I wish someone still believes in that and that someone won’t stop until justice is served for them. I still believe that the truth will come out. Just read this story about Maria Ridulph.


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