Different kinds of love

I’ve been overthinking the last couple of days about this love month. I wanted to write a lot of love posts and stories that will warm hearts. Unfortunately, I have nothing. I have a few ideas why that might be so, the primary reason being I was associating love with the kind you see in movies and read in books.

Then I realized that the best kind of love I have ever felt and experienced in my life was given to me by my family. I have also seen first hand the kind of love my parents have for us, their children. The kind where they break their backs for you. That is the best kind of love I have ever seen my whole life.

I have been so blessed to have my parents and sometimes, specifically now that I’m older, I am finally seeing the sacrifices they have done so we could have the kind of life we have. I used to take it for granted, think that is what parents are supposed to do and think nothing of it.

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and be more thankful back then but there’s no way that could happen so I’m just trying my best to show my love for them now. I hope it’s not too late!

This post is just a reminder to everyone that love comes in different forms. Open your hearts and share the love this month in whatever way works for you! 

Share the the best kind of love you’ve ever felt! I’d love to read some inspiring/heart warming stories.


2 thoughts on “Different kinds of love”


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