Let’s have coffee

coffeeHey everyone! Where did January go? It’s the last coffee share for this month and I can’t believe it. This month went by a little too fast. I’m not so sure how this coffee date will go so why don’t we just right into it.

* * * * *

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I have vertigo and it’s annoying me. It usually acts up when I change my work shift. If you remember, the other week I was working days and by the end of this week I was having dizzy spells again. Every time I have vertigo, I always ask myself if working where I work is still worth it. After all, my health is already in jeopardy.

If we were having coffee, I’d update you with the Leef iBridge problem I talked about last week. Apparently, it’s already broken. Good news is, the people over at Leef are amazing. They will be giving me a replacement! YEY. I’m not exactly sure how it goes but I’m hoping it won’t cost me too much and it’ll be here really really soon.

Honestly, I’ve had a pretty boring week. I was busy at work which meant I had no time to do other things. I barely posted anything here except for two posts that were already scheduled ahead of time. This brings me to the show I watched last night on CI channel. The series was entitled: Haunted Encounters, Face to Face. If we were having coffee, I’d be so freaked out while I tell you that they went to the most haunted prison in America and spent the night there. I can’t believe some people find the paranormal interesting, I’d pee in my pants if I had that job.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask your opinion about what my blog title should be. Currently, it’s my name. I know right, how original! But lately, I’ve been feeling the need to give this space a proper name. I have a couple of ideas in mind. You can vote below to give me a feel of what you think. If you have other ideas, a comment would be awesome!

And lastly, I feel if I really wanted a proper name for this blog, I’d have to figure out what grinds my gears and gets me writing. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m one confused soul who just started blogging for fun. I obviously like writing about everything but have nothing to write about because I don’t have that one topic I can stick with. In the end, I write about all the things I like and feel currently. Maybe Currently with Me should be my blog title?

Anyway, the hunt for the perfect title continues. Let me know how your week went! I’d love to chat.

Love, Kat


23 thoughts on “Let’s have coffee”

  1. I like Life, etc (yes, I officially voted) if you’d like to continue writing about life in general 🙂 I was told once that I had to narrow my niche, and so I did…and while I enjoy writing about homesteading, there is so much more to life than just our homestead adventures, so I’m working on broadening my niche now…and it’s so much fun! I say, do you! Write about what makes you happy, because you’re the only one who really matters 🙂

    Have a happy week!

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    1. Thank you Melissa! I also started out with a single niche, mine was food. Unfortunately after a few months I ended up with having nothing to write. Being able to write about everything I like feels so good. Thank you for dropping by and hope you have a great week too

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  2. I def voted for your Title, but it’s a tie between Voices and Currently. I loved your coffee chat, and I would definitely find paranormal activities crazy scary!! Happy January, cheers to February :).

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    1. That’s the main reason why I can’t seem to decide! 😦 I feel like changing my name again will just complicate things for me. 😦 I’m so torn. Hope you have a great week ahead Colline! 😀


  3. All the best with choosing a new name for your blog. I think it’s better to have a theme name rather than your own name. That way people interested in your subject matter have a better chance of finding you and also you preserve your anonymity.
    Thanks for the coffee and hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena

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  4. I like your current blog name because it’s straight to the point and I love your “K” logo.. but I also agree with Gilian that it would be good to have something about coffee in it, because I look forward to your Let’s have coffee posts. 🙂

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