TV Series: Scream Queens

Title: Scream Queens
Comedy, Horror
Season: 1 (2015)

I’ll start by saying that I didn’t know what I was in for when I decided to watch this show. My friend watched it and regularly posted about how much she liked it on Facebook. I was curious what she was so hyped up about and wanted to know myself.


Plot: The series is basically about a bunch of sorority girls being killed off one by one by a serial killer known as the Red Devil.


My favorite character would have to be Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin. Her acting was on point and her character is probably the only reason why I continued to watch this show.

Truthfully, I wanted to stop watching this show as soon as Ariana Grande, Chanel #2, was killed off. It’s not because I am an Ariana fan but rather because it was at this point that I realized that this show is definitely not for me. Imagine a scene where you come face to face with the killer and sends you text messages that you will be murdered. And the victim, instead of running away kept on replying! Oh and she died trying to post a tweet that she was getting murdered. I guess it’s supposed to mean how the youth is too obsessed with technology and social media but I don’t get it at all. What message is it trying to relay to the viewers and the youth that are watching the show?

I know, I know. It’s comedy. It’s supposed to take jabs at society but to be completely honest, murder is not funny and shouldn’t be considered lightly. Plus, I think the series tolerated too much of bullying, peer pressure and sex. Call it me being old-fashioned but hey, to each their own.

If you prefer to watch a realistic and deeper series, you should definitely stay away from this TV show. There are just a lot of loop holes for the plot.


8 thoughts on “TV Series: Scream Queens”

  1. I have heard and read so much about this show even before it started. I got curious of course but I just could never get myself to watch it, maybe now I know why. Good thing I didn’t watch it or else I could have ended up so annoyed. ^^

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