Recipe: Easy Hainanese Chicken

If you knew me and you followed this blog since its conception last year, you’d never ever ever believe that I could cook something like Hainanese Chicken. I couldn’t believe it myself but get ready to shock yourselves for the easiest Hainanese Chicken recipe ever.

I would just like to include that this recipe is my version to the million of other Hainanese Chicken recipes out there. I researched a lot before finally deciding it was time to cook it. If there are discrepancies to how it’s really cooked, please do drop a comment and I’d love to learn the proper way of doing it. 🙂


What you’ll need: 

Ginger – lots of it! Slice that bad boy up.
Chicken – I used a mix of chicken wings and leg part (that was all I had)
Chicken cubes/stock

What you’ll do:

For the chicken:

1- Get your steamer. Make sure the water is already boiling before putting in your chicken.
2- Put some ginger on top and around the chicken before closing the lid and waiting for it to cook. (20 -25 mins)
3- Once done, serve in a plate. Removing ginger is optional.


For the chicken rice:

1- Wash the rice
2- In a pot, add the ginger and garlic and let it cook a little.
3- Add in your rice and mix.
4- After a while, add in your chicken stock and put lid to let rice cook.
TIP: If you aren’t too fond of cooking rice in a stove, you can just put all of that in a regular rice cooker.

Mix it.
Pour in the stock
Yummy chicken rice.

For the sauce:

1- Heat oil and cook the ginger a little.

Normally there are three kinds of sauces that come with it. The soy sauce, ginger and chili sauce. We have some soy sauce and chili sauce at home so all I had to prepare was the ginger.

Some major lessons I learned while cooking this that might be important if you will try it:

1- You can see that I sliced the chicken before putting into the steamer. I highly advise that you don’t do this. Once the chicken is cooked it doesn’t look very presentable.
2- I read somewhere that once the chicken is cooked, you need to place it in a bowl filled with cold water. I did try it with a few of the chickens and I preferred skipping this part.
3- When cooking rice, let it cook normally. Just imagine replacing water with chicken stock and you’ll be fine. If there’s no more chicken stock but the rice isn’t cooked through, add in water.
4- Oh and no chicken stock? That’s alright, just add water to a chicken cube and it should do the trick.

Easy Hainanese Chicken.
FullSizeRender (3)
Let’s eat!

There you go my contribution to the ever growing recipe pile of the internet. Here is my version of the easiest Hainanese Chicken ever made in history of this blog!

If you ever do try it out, let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear what you think. Do drop a line! 😀



6 thoughts on “Recipe: Easy Hainanese Chicken”

  1. I love Hainanese Chicken!!! We were taught how to cook it in culinary school. I can’t remember the exact procedure, but I’ll try to look for my notes and share it to you. 🙂

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