Finance Talk: 7 Simple ways to cut down your daily expenses

Remember that time I told you that I had so much fun writing down Finance stuff? Here’s an extra Finance post to start your Saturdays!

* * * * *

Let me start this post by saying I am guilty of over spending every single day. Even if I have a weekly and daily budget, it is so easy to go over it and end up relying on my boyfriend to pay for my unnecessary wants just so I can say I am still within my “weekly budget”.

Writing that down makes me feel so embarrassed. Thank goodness my boyfriend is the best and he still loves me even if I sometimes leech off of him. LOL. On the bright side, I’ve been trying to change this awful habit of mine by cutting down my daily expenses. The idea is if I cut down my daily expenses, I will always be within my budget no matter the situation.

Let me share with you 7 fool proof & simple ways to cut down daily expenses.


If you are just walking a short distance, I suggest you walk it out. It is a great exercise and also helps your wallet.

Bring your own food

In my case, I always end up having two meals at work. If I bring food for one of my meals, that helps my wallet and health a lot.

Use cash

Oh my goodness! I’ve been using my credit card for simple daily buys. It is the worst thing I have ever done. When the bills arrive I get mini heart attacks after finding out how much I unknowingly spent

Make lists

Making lists helps me identify what part of my life I am overspending on. It helps me visualize where my money goes and where it should go.

Stop buying drinks

If you have a pantry at work, I’m sure you have free water. Better yet, you can just bring your own water!

Make wiser decisions when eating out

Make better decisions when ordering! It’s always better to order a little (and then just ask for additional) rather than ordering a lot and end up not eating everything.

Stay home!

At the end of a busy day, it is so easy to gather the squad to hangout. Resist the urge. You’ll easily stay within your budget if there are no temptations. 😉

I use these seven tips to cut down my daily expense. It has been working for me so far and I hope it can help you too. It might be simple but believe me its these daily simple things that we often take for granted which can help us in the long run.


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