Financial Talk: More than what meets the eye


Budgeting and saving money is only half the deal. The real way to be financially successful is by growing your money and finding ways to have passive income. I will not act like an expert but instead I will share what I do to wisely grow my money.

1. Invest

Depending on where you are in the world, there are a multitude of investment options offered. Here in Manila, there are a lot of options available but the truth is…I don’t know which one is the best! LOL. And typical of Kat fashion, I tried everything. I dabbled in mutual funds, UITF, a bank account with a high interest rate and the stock market. If you asked me to rank it, it would be: bank account, UITF, MF, stock market respectively. It might not be what you are expecting but my rating is very biased since I haven’t invested a lot of money yet. I’m beginning to think that dabbling in everything (and eventually ending up with a small capital for each) was not the best way to go but I was thinking that the best way to try something is to experience it.

Maybe this 2016, I’ll eventually close some accounts and merge it into the single most profitable? The future is yet to be planned but one thing is for sure, having tried it gave me a first-hand experience for each and now I feel a bit more knowledgeable. For all my Filipino readers, I can give you a more in-depth explanation if you want. You can reach me here.


The next thing I do to grow money is by being smarter! This is a relatively new plan for me and it is only in its initial execution stages but the main idea is to find things I can either reuse or sell. I rummaged through all my stuff and found a lot of things that I can still reuse or make profit out of.

For example, right now I plan to skip buying a 2016 planner because I can just use some old notebooks I found and go all art crazy. I also have a lot of post-its, washi tapes and cute stickers to help me decorate my notebook/planner/journal. That’s an easy P500+ savings for me. 

Look at all the stuff I found! Four notebooks + tons of post its and pens!
Cute little cover I made using washi tapes
Planner goals. Tried it out for December and so far so good.


I also have an OLX account where I plan to sell tons of old books. I already sold my hardbound Twilight books and I really want to blog about but I want to be able to sell one more book before doing so. Until then that post is still in my drafts!

Selling my books was a pretty hard decision for me considering I really want to have a library in my future home but I was thinking it’s an impractical dream. 😦 With current housing rates and lack of space in Manila, I’d have to work my butt off just to have space for my own library. Realistically speaking, selling it and finding new owners for my books would be a better choice.

I am also in the process of converting my old worn out jeans into shorts and t-shirts to sleeveless tops. Whoever said old clothing can’t be reused. Reusing my old clothes would save me P100-P200 easily.


And lastly, I want to share with you a habit I got from my parents. It is our practice in our home to sell our trash. We segregate PET bottles, paper and even metal and sell it to a junk shop. Sure the returns are pretty low but it helps the environment and adds a little more to our monthly budget.

* * * * *

Money makes the world go round. As awful as it sounds, it can’t get any truer than that. Being innovative on how to have more money will help in the long run. Personally, finding more ways to earn money and not solely relying on your job is the real way to go. The best way to find alternative means of income is by starting now and by being creative. I hope my Finance topics have inspired you to be wiser when it comes to your finances and help you in your daily lives.

I’m ending this month’s Finance topic with a quote from Ayn Rand.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.



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