Let’s have some coffee


The holiday season is upon me. I did some last minute shopping with my brother yesterday and had absolutely no time to chat with you for our coffee date. Truth be told this whole month of December is going by so fast I haven’t made the most out of my time here in the blogosphere. It makes me a little sad but boy am I excited for Christmas.

* * * * *

If we were having coffee, I’d sincerely apologize for missing our weekly date yesterday. I’m making it up by giving you a jam packed update today!

If we were having coffee, I need to share with you my gift updates. I successfully bought Mike 12 gifts for Christmas! I was supposed to give a gift per day but the two typhoons that hit the Philippines made me miss work and threw that plan out the window. I gave him a gift for day one but the rest was a total failure.

Speaking of the typhoon that hit the Philippines…I hate it so much when it rains. I’m the kind of person who likes to wear shoes/sneakers all the time and last Tuesday night, on my way to work, I had the worst experience ever. I got out of the bus and it wasn’t raining that heavily. While waiting for a jeepney to ride to the MRT, it rained so hard which got my shoes (and socks) all wet! After waiting for what seems like forever, a bus came and I just decided to ride it since there was no hope for a jeep. I went down a few meters away from the MRT and decided to use the overpass to get there. (This decision came from my past experience when I didn’t use the overpass and I got surprised by ankle deep flood.) I was laughing to myself because as I was walking along the overpass and looked down I saw it was really flooded. To my surprise though, there was a portion of the overpass which was flooded!!!! LIKE WHAT. SERIOUSLY. I cannot believe my eyes but I had no choice so I just went ahead and got my already wet shoes wetter. I began to relax since I was already at the MRT station but as I was falling in line the guard began to yell that the MRT was already closed because it was already flooded in one station which was underground. I was near to tears this time. I literally didn’t know what to do. I calmed down a bit and decided I had no other choice but to go back home. I went down the MRT station and started to wait for either a jeep or bus but not without going through ankle deep flood. 😦

That is how horrible Manila is when it rains. I could attribute the floods to a lot of things. However, I will put the blame on the Filipino people. Everyday I ride the MRT and everyday I see piles and piles of trash on the streets. Trash clogs the drainage. Filipinos don’t need to be rocket scientists to realize this. I don’t get it why they still don’t. Filipinos keep on blaming the government for everything. If you want to see change, start with yourself. HAY NAKO!!!

Now that that’s out of the way, if we were having coffee, I’d also want to share with you that the ceiling in my roof is damaged because of the rain. My stuff is lying around everywhere and I’m just praying that the carpenter would come real soon because every time I sleep at night I get scared. My imagination is getting the best of me and I can see someone peeking through the hole. LOL.

Saving the best for last, if we were having coffee, I’ll share with you that I’m just a couple of thousand pesos off my budget. I’m pretty pleased with myself. I honestly forgot to include my brother’s gift in my calculations which was the main cause of me going over a little. No worries, I’m pretty happy to see him happy. 🙂

I’m excited for Christmas and I hope you are too. I hope you had a great week and I would love to read about it. Post a comment!

Have a fun and safe week ahead. Until next time!



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