Finance Talk: Tips this Holiday Season

It’s my most dreaded time of the year. Financially that is! A little unknown fact about me, ever since I had a credit card I always end up being in debt for the first quarter (okay maybe half) of the next year. That means I waste months of potential savings just to pay off my Christmas/Holiday debts.

This year, I plan to do the opposite of that and be smarter when it comes to gift giving this season. Of course, I had to practice my infographic making skills… LOL


The one’s shared above are pretty self-explanatory but if you like more tips, read on…

  1. Give something edible
  2. If you really have no more budget, STAY AT HOME
  3. Go to bazaars and night markets
  4. FOR KIDS: Don’t buy them the most expensive brand/gift especially with toys. Kids will be kids.
  5. Do a little arts & crafts
  6. Don’t go over budget by preparing in advance
  7. Try to gift experiences instead of material things (maybe treat your family to a yummy meal instead of giving them gifts separately!)
  9. Use coupons/discount codes
  10. Be creative! Try thinking outside the box to make the most out of your money.

I plan to make this season not just about gifts and shopping. I use to think that if I shower my loved ones with expensive gifts we could be happier. The happiness only lasts for a while. This time, I plan to focus more on improving our personal relationships and working towards a better 2016.

Happy holidays everyone!



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