Let’s have some coffee

coffeeHey everyone! Don’t you just love Sundays? I’m feeling very excited and happy today. It’s probably because of this new project I am working on BUT I won’t be sharing it with you guys yet, sorry. 😛

* * * * *

If we were together having coffee, I’d tell you that yes, I am working on a new project. I had the idea when I was working on my Finance posts. I had so much fun writing about money/finance that I successfully finished writing an additional four posts for this month. I’m not sure if Finance should be my blog’s niche but I had fun writing about it. Speaking of, you can read my first post –> Finance Talk: 5 Tips on How to Save Money

If we were together having coffee, I would like you to panic with me for a second because I have this amazing plan for Mike this Christmas. The idea is to give him twelve gifts starting on the fourteenth but I haven’t bought him anything yet. I plan to give him some arts and crafts type of gifts too but I haven’t even started conceptualizing anything. LOL. Maybe I should just stick to one gift? I don’t know. 😦 I was just thinking of all his efforts for me this whole year and I’d love for him to feel my appreciation this way.

If we were together having coffee, I’d also tell you about the amazing time I had with my family in Laiya last week! The place where we stayed at wasn’t what I was expecting. The beach didn’t have white sand and by the next morning the beach moved because the tide changed. 😦 BUT…I had so much fun with my family. We got to bond and spend a lot of quality time with each other. It was also fun watching the kids play on the beach. My nephew even said he wanted to stay there forever!

If we were together having coffee, I’d also tell you that I started watching Quantico. Priyanka Chopra is so beautiful. ♥ I’m only on the second episode and I’m trying really hard not to binge watch because you know how US series go with their mid season breaks. I’m really interested in these kinds of series.

Oh and before we part ways, join me as I rejoice because I am on day shift for a week!! Yey! I am so happy to live and sleep like a normal person! LOL.

I hope you had a great week (like me) and I would love to read about it. Post a comment!

Have a fun and safe week ahead. Until next time!



10 thoughts on “Let’s have some coffee”

    1. Thanks Annie!! I’m so excited for my new project. I’m testing the waters now and so far it doesn’t look promising. Lol. But I won’t give up! Have an awesome week ahead. ☺️

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      1. You know what Thomas Edison said – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 😀 You can do it, Kat! I hope you’ll be able to tell us all about it eventually!
        Have a lovely week ahead too, my dear 🙂


  1. I’m sure whatever you decide to get Mike in the end, he’ll love it ❤ Probably, start with something small and simple for the first 11 days and the big present on the 12th? It can those batteries he needs but always forgetting to buy or a simple note wishing him luck for the day and a small piece of cake.

    Did the beach like literally shifted? :O glad you had a good time at the beach~

    I've been watching Blindspot and now i've to wait till Feb for the next episode. Such a tortuous wait!

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