December Goals 2015

december goals!

The days are going by too fast! I cannot believe it’s December already. It’s officially the holiday season and just one more month until 2016.

Time is just slipping by my hands. Let’s look back at my November Goals and see if I surprised myself last month.

  1. Blog everyday! YESSSS!!! I finally did this. Yey. I am so happy and proud of myself.
  2. Exercise as often as I can. I am not slashing this off my list. I did download an app on my phone which alarms at a certain hour to remind me to exercise. Hmmm…I will keep working on this one this December.
  3. Sleep more! To prove how successful I am with this one, I slept at 9PM last night and woke up at 7AM this morning. LOL.

Simple goals make me happy! I’m pretty pleased with myself with last month. Blog wise, I feel like I have connected with more people and I am stoked for this month’s Blogging U. Hopefully I can interact with more bloggers and have a wider reach with my humble blog.

Let’s continue to dream this December. Here are this month’s goals.

  1. Submit/nominate some blog posts for WordPress’s Discover. As the last assignment for Writing 101, we were supposed to do a round up of sorts. I (as usual) was not able to do it but instead I will submit some of my favorite posts from Writing 101 to WordPress’s Discover. Or as an alternate just post my faves on my blog. Heehee. I mean what if WordPress wouldn’t choose to publish my submissions?
  2. Start my monthly topic. I’ve been reading a lot about blogs and how to grow your audience, etc. Most of the stuff online says you have to pick a niche. I don’t think I have one or if I think I had one, I end up getting bored with it and changing it. So, I decided to focus on writing about a specific topic for a month. This month is all about Finance.
  3. EXERCISE. With the holidays upon us. I just really need to exercise. I love food so much but I love my health more.
  4. Stay within budget for this month. I am so nervous for Christmas…. (-_-)

That’s it for me this December. Do you have goals of your own? I’d love to read them! 🙂


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