Reviews: Kyochon // Eastwood Eats


Too many types of chicken, so little time. This is a relatively new restaurant in Eastwood and one of the reasons why I wanted to eat here was because of the K-Pop music videos they played. Heehee.

Ambience: This place is a little more upscale than the other restaurants I’ve featured. They actually take your order here! The place looks good, clean and inviting. Their taste for music is also superb. K-Pop for life. 😛


Food/Drinks: I’ll be sharing with you the meal Mike and I ordered when we ate their. We had the Galbi Chicken Steak Rice meal made up of Galbi Chicken Steak, Side Salad and Kimchi Fried Rice priced at P280. We also added an additional order of their original series drumsticks chicken priced at P290. Oh and additional order garlic butter rice at P50.

Writing all of the things we ordered made me realize how much Mike and I love to eat.


They serve big portions. If you are only two, their rice meals would be enough. I suggest just ordering another bowl of rice.

Their chicken is by far the best chicken I’ve had in Eastwood (sorry Jollibee). I love the flavor. It was crunchy on the outside but perfectly cooked on the inside. It also wasn’t oily! Super plus points. We had the original series but they also offer other flavors/series: Red Series, Honey Series and Soonsal Series.

The rice meal we ordered was just amazing. It was perfectly grilled and when eaten with the kimchi rice…a perfect combination! Oh and the salad was great as well. I don’t usually like salads (or vegetables in general, that’s probably the reason why I’m fat) but man, I give their salad two thumbs up. I wish I knew what the dressing was so I could tell you and I could write a little more but I don’t. 😦 So, if you guys ever eat here, take my word for it, try their salad.

Value/Overall Rating: I’d definitely want to try more of what they have to offer but from what I’ve had this is a sure win. I love the flavors of the chicken and their sides are just to die for. It’s pricier than the usual but if you know how to budget well it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m giving this a safe (but high since they deserve it) four stars for a awesome first time experience.


* * * * *

Kyochon PH
Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City


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