Let’s have some coffee


Hi everyone! That week went by pretty fast! I don’t know exactly how our little coffee date will go but why don’t we sit by the corner and have a little catch up?

If we were together having coffee, I’d tell you that I feel shocked with the world. I can’t believe that the terrorist attacks in Paris would bring about more destruction in the world. Talk about revenge. I’m pretty sure France has all the right in the world to be mad but I don’t know how bombing them over there would solve the problem or bring back the dead. I don’t exactly know how to solve terrorism but I don’t like wars and this smells like the beginning of one.

If we were together having coffee, I’d mention that the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit was recently held here in Manila and it caused me major headaches! I live south of the Metro and believe me when I say they cut of all ways going north! I had work all week long (no thanks to my company) but I was only able to go to work twice! Traffic was horrendous and the rerouting was focused for private vehicles only. It was a nightmare for normal people who used public transport. There was even news of a pregnant lady who gave birth at the bus terminal!

At first I was really mad at why APEC Summit had to be held in Manila when we have 7,107 islands to choose from. Of course, I realized that it is the only place in the country where such event can be held. I guess over all I felt like Manila had a face lift because of the summit and not because its citizens needed it. Which made me feel like the government is not doing its job properly.

If we were together having coffee, I’d also tell you about this new idea I have when getting awards. As you know bloggers here in WordPress give other bloggers awards. It is such a great feeling when you get to be nominated for one. Lately, I find it hard to write a post for one when I get awards. Instead, I had this idea of reblogging one post from the person who nominated me instead of creating a whole new post for that award alone. I think its a perfect way to showcase that blogger and at the same time show my appreciation. I checked my awards back-log and already reblogged two posts. Again many thanks to Pancake Bunnykins and Megan for thinking of me. 😀

If we were together having coffee, I’d probably dance once I remember that I just got promoted!!!!! YEEEEEYYYY!!! After going through so much emotions (recap: I got jealous of my other peers who got promoted ahead of me) I am so happy and proud to say that I am finally promoted. I feel very ready for this new role I have and I am excited albeit scared of what the future will be like. Oh and remember those peers that got promoted last year…they got promoted again (to team leads). Do I think they are ready? Nope. Not one bit BUT I don’t feel any harsh feelings for them. I think that’s their challenge and I hope the best for them. I do feel like the system we have in our company is a little questionable though but right now, I really don’t care much. LOL. I feel happy that I got promoted and don’t feel anything bitter towards the others. I’m all for my personal growth and positive vibes right now. No time to be jealous. 😉

If we were together having coffee, I’d also tell you that I finally watched Spectre. Is it only me or do you guys also think that Daniel Craig is not fit for the James Bond role? Every time I think of Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery I feel like Daniel does not give justice to the role.

Oh and before we part ways, I’d like to quickly mention that it is already the 22nd of the month. I have a little over a week before November finally ends and I am surprised that I have successfully posted every day so far. I haven’t fully participated in NaBloPoMo which is a little sad but life has kept me a little busy so far. I’ll catch up when life gets boring again. LOL.

I hope you had a great week and I would love to read about it. Post a comment!

Have a fun and safe week ahead. Until next time!



12 thoughts on “Let’s have some coffee”

      1. I had to Google who Benedict Cumberbatch was! Lol. I can’t tell if he’d be a great choice lol don’t know much about him! Haha ☺️



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