Recipe: Mango Ensalada

I’m not entirely sure if I can call this a recipe or if I can call this an ensalada but why not, right? I call this Mango Ensalada. Please bear with me but if you know something better to call it, do drop a comment!

Back to regular programming. We had some green mangoes lying around the house so my mom requested I make a simple side dish/ensalada using it.


What you’ll need:

Green mangoes
Shrimp paste

What you’ll do:

Slice the green mangoes, tomatoes and onion.
Layer it on top of each other, for presentation.
Add in a  tablespoon, or more, of shrimp paste.

Straightforward but surely a kick ass side dish! Alternatively, you can broil an egg plant and add it to the mix for an Eggplant Ensalada. This is a sure way to make everyone the rest of your meal.

ps. This is my favorite way of eating green mangoes. I super love it with shrimp paste!!! 😀


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