Review: Army Navy // Eastwood Eats


Part three of my Eastwood Eats series is my all time favorite Army Navy. They specialize in burgers and burritos but they also offer an assortment of breakfast meals and also my fave the Fearless Fried Chicken!

I won’t even bother with an introduction for this place since I have a bunch of photos to make your mouths water anyway!

Ambience: They have a very army bunker feel as their interior. They mostly have metal cans/seats everywhere and (a real plus for me) is they use recycled wood as part of their interior.


Food/Drinks: Oh the things you can order here! *grins*

They don’t offer that much but rest be assured that all of the things they offer hits the spot. Oh my gosh. Be ready for your mouths to water. First is my favorite Bacon Breakfast. It’s a simple tummy filling meal consisting of garlic fried rice, bacon, longganisa and egg. It’s simple but oh-my-goodness, bacon is just glorious heaven. I especially love how the longganisa is garlicky and spicy. That’s my favorite kind.


Here they have their version of tapsilog. Don’t mind the bacon, I just added it. This meal is mainly tapa, garlic rice and egg. I love how tender and full of flavor is tapa is. IMG_9559

And over here is my favorite two pieces of heaven. Their fearless fried chicken. I think from all of the restaurants in Eastwood, Army Navy offers the best gravy. I love the pepper corns. I wish I can ask for refills.


Next is the Charlie Bravo Querida Mia. It is an open type of quesadilla with bacon and cheese. Two of the best things in life. I swear. THIS IS SO GOOD. IMG_9510

They say save the best for last, so I did. Ladies and gentlemen here is their Double Burger. Two burger patties sandwiched in yummy kaiser buns with their special sauce. I had the audacity to add in bacon and cheese for my meal and I did not regret it. Best burger ever. Okay, maybe not but it’s definitely up there. 😉


Value/Overall Rating: Did you guys notice I didn’t even bother with the price? Not that the meals aren’t affordable, it’s just that Army Navy is one of those places where price is not a problem. You get what you pay for…maybe even more. The place is fantastic and the food is simply awesome. This place without a doubt gets five stars from me!

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Army Navy
Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City


5 thoughts on “Review: Army Navy // Eastwood Eats”

    1. Truth be told…I don’t like their Burrito too! 😛 Also I agree with you that Army Navy is expensive but nothing is ever cheap at Eastwood! Working there (on night shift) limits my options so I have no choice but to increase my budget to 150-200 per meal. 😦

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