Can’t wait to leave your job?

A year ago, I didn’t get a promotion I thought I deserved. Looking back, I must have been so full of myself to think I deserved that promotion!

My backstory is simple. I didn’t get promoted for a job I thought I deserved. Some of my peers got promoted except for a handful of us losers. It was a big shot to my ego considering that I was more senior than some of those who got promoted. On top of it all, the reasons that my boss was giving me did not make me feel any better. I wanted to quit my job.

It took me ten months to find peace in my heart and to finally accept that some things don’t just go your way. It was a long road but it was well worth it. After all, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Here are some of the lessons I have learned during my healing process that might help you if you are planning to leave your current company, ask yourself these questions first before finally waving the white flag.

What is your main motivation? For some of us, money is the biggest factor. If you feel like the work you are doing does not translate financially, you really have to reconsider your options. If your company allows salary negotiations, start talking with people who might help you and find solutions to your worries. If not, find some other place where you will feel that you are getting your effort’s worth.

If money is not an option for you, the next question you need to ask yourself is are you happy? Based from personal experience, an unhappy employee is an unproductive employee. This kind of employee, does not help the team’s morale, instead it brings it down and may cause further issues if unsolved. Find the real reason why you are unhappy and solve it. Once you know your real problem, you get to see the bigger picture and find better solutions.

Is there anything else the company can offer/do for you? I’ve had co-workers submit resignation letters only to change their minds in the end. Before doing something hasty like this, think first. From experience, managers/team leads don’t know anything. They cannot guess what is in your head and the only way they can help you is if you let them. I believe there’s this thing called negotiations and if you properly convey what you want or need, compromises can be found.

And lastly, why do you want to leave? We all have various reasons why we want to quit our jobs. And at the end, no matter what the company is willing to do for you, the decision is all in your hands. Take a good hard look at yourself and think! You can do a list of pros and cons or maybe imagine yourself working for another company. At the end of the day, it is important to see the real reasons for leaving. Once you know why you are really want to leave, the decision becomes easier.

As for me, I decided that I wasn’t going to leave my job. I wanted to quit because my ego got bruised which I realized was not the best reason. After ten long months of career counseling, thanks to my boyfriend (♥), I came to the conclusion that I am not who I think I am and that there’s still a lot of improvements that can be done. I am currently facing work as a new challenge to further develop my skill sets that by the time I do finally leave my job, it will be for the right reasons and with the best possible version of myself.


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