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The next restaurant featured and reviewing in Eastwood Eats is Sisig Society. If you don’t know what Sisig is, let me tell you. Sisig is a Filipino dish made from random leftovers from a pig (tongue, ears, liver), usually seasoned with calamansi and lots of Knorr seasoning and topped with an egg.

Let me just say that this dish is best with a cold beer or any alcoholic beverage. Just look at Anthony Bourdain eating his fair share of sisig.

Start at 5:25

Anyway, back to Sisig Society. Let’s start!

Ambience: It’s another self-service kind of restaurant with their menus happily greeting you as soon as you walk in. The whole place is very open with big windows and cute paintings/graffiti on the wall. They have this smaller kitchen out front where they prepare your order. Beware the smell of sizzling sisig will definitely stick on your clothes! It’s better to sit outside if you want to avoid this but if you don’t like smokers (I dislike second hand smooke) you’ll find that the smell won’t bother you at all.

IMG_9298 IMG_9299

Food/Drinks: Let me just say first that I really need to practice taking photographs. 😛

You need to make a couple of choices before finally having your order. First you need to choose your sisig. You have four options: cripsy, diablo, bacon and cheese and garlic shroom. Second you need to choose your meat. Choices are pork, chicken and seafood. Lastly, your choice of side. A choice between rice and nachos.

Mike had crispy + pork + rice while I had crispy + seafood + rice. Both were priced at P159 with an additional P20 for iced teas. Mike’s meal was the best. It wasn’t like your usual Pampanga style sisig (believe me they have the best) but it was the better kind of sisig in the metro. I loved how crispy his meal was and the addition of chicharon (fried pork skin) in the dish was just heaven. On the other hand, my meal was okay. My seafood meal was made up of milk fish and squid which I think wasn’t the best combination but it still proved to be a hearty and yummy meal.


Crispy + Seafood + Rice
Crispy + Seafood + Rice
Crispy + Pork + Rice
Crispy + Pork + Rice

Value/Overall Rating: We usually budget our combined dinners at P300 – P400 and this filling meal surely stayed within it. I really love the whole aura of the place and I really like the crispy + pork + rice meal. Overall this place is just perfect with its mix of price and food. I would definitely recommend you to go and visit them and see what the fuss is all about.

5 stars

/ / / / /

Sisig Society
Eastwood Citywalk, Quezon City
+ (63) 917 512 1212 • 940-9000


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