Let’s have some coffee

Hola amigo! I don’t think I’m up for coffee today, tea would be better. It has been an exhausting week and caffeine wouldn’t help me right now.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d tell you that I just had the most relaxing bath I’ve had but I can still feel that my hair is dry and damaged after a year of playing with color. I recently decided to let it grow and just forget that half of my hair is light brown while the other is black. It is ugly and dry. Oh and I just cut my bangs the other day! My face is round that having no bangs makes me look like Joe Kuan. Don’t worry, I’ve been cutting it since I was in college. Only difference is, back then I was so into everything Korean that my bangs were always short and straight. For now I settled with a long side swept style.

If we were having coffee right now… I’d tell you that last week was by far the best week this year while riding the MRT. There were no lines and no people pushing or shoving. It was amazing. My brother says it’s because of the change to beep cards. He says Filipinos don’t like trying new things. Do I agree? Maybe. But honestly I’m hoping it’s because of improvements of their service. 😛

If we were having coffee right now… I’d also tell you about my date with Mike at Sambokojin. We have been visiting this Korean/Japanese buffet restaurant monthly since June. It has been our “thing“. I guess its our way of telling each other that no matter how fat we end up, we’ll still love each other. Anyway, I’d like to share with you my….samgyeop-fail. This is my attempt to make samgyeopsal and eat it. LOL. It was messy. The paste was so good and I wished I knew what it was. The branch at SM Southmall didn’t have labels which meant we had to guess what was what. Anyone want to teach me how to properly do this?


Seriously? You remembered last week’s dilemma and you want an update? Well…I’d tell you that my mind is made up. My main plan is to stay where I am. Find and do things that would help me rekindle my love and passion for my job. I have decided to give myself ample time to confidently say to myself that I tried but it just isn’t working anymore. I won’t quit for the wrong reasons. I will quit for myself and because a job isn’t helping me become a greater and more improved person.

What do you think? Pretty simple right?

Life really is black and white, I guess. I hope you had a good week too and I would love to read about it. Post a comment or whatever. Let’s be real friends.

Until next week,



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