Grateful for my momma

It’s still Wednesday somewhere, right?

This week I am full of gratitude for my mother. I am grateful I have a mother who I can argue with. I am thankful to have a mother so caring and giving that she always puts our needs ahead of hers.

Just the other day I got into a petty argument with her. I am reminded of how forgiving and shallow she is! Also that I need to respect her and try my best to repay her for all of her sacrifices for our family. Not everyone is blessed to have a mother they can ‘fight’ with.
I am truly grateful to have a mom who holds our family in place. I am blessed for she never gives up on our dysfunctional family.

To all moms out there, thank you for all your sacrifices for your families. ♥️

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This post is for My Gratitude Project by Colline’s Blog.


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