Review: Modern Shanghai – Xiao Long Bao

Modern Shanghai

It was one of those days when I kept on seeing Xiao Long Bao on my feed all across my social networking sites. I initially didn’t know what it was but I was so intrigued because of all my friend’s photos on Instagram and Facebook I asked Mike to try it out with me. The moment I googled it and found Modern Shanghai as the best place to try it out in Manila, I knew it would be an instant hit with me.

Xiaolongbao is a type of steamed bun (baozi) from the Jiangnan region of China, especially associated with Shanghai and Wuxi. -Wikipedia

Ambience: The place is a casual Chinese restaurant that offers Chinese food at a reasonable price. What I liked most about Modern Shanghai are its glass windows that show you how your dumplings are made. You can see their chefs carefully crafting dumplings by rolling, stuffing and folding it to perfection.

Modern Shanghai MOA

Food/Drinks: Mike and I were still pretty full from our dinner the previous night so we ended up just trying the famed Xiao Long Bao and Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Spicy Salt and Pepper for lunch. It was pretty straight forward and we basically just tried what we wanted. Let me assure you though, Modern Shanghai’s Xiao Long Bao was the first Xiao Long Bao I’ve tried and it definitely set the bar really high.

Modern Shanghai XLB

Did you know that there is a proper way to eat your Xiao Long Bao? Modern Shanghai actually has a guide to eat it properly but I forgot to take a picture of it so I will try to explain it to you instead. 😛

  1. Prepare the sauce. Mix in ginger with soy sauce and vinegar. Ratio depends on your taste buds and I had Mike make ours so I can’t really share you ours. Oops.
  2. Get a Xiao Long Bao and dip it in sauce. Place in spoon after.
  3. Make a hole in your Xiao Long Bao for the hot and tasty broth to be released.
  4. Eat!!

The guide didn’t really say how you were supposed to make a hole in your Xiao Long Bao for step three, that’s why Mike and I bit it to make holes. As I am making the review now, I have researched that you can actually just poke through it using your chopsticks. Top tip right there people!

Modern Shanghai XLB Modern Shanghai XLB

If you are wondering if I followed the steps, truth be told, I didn’t. I appreciated the Xiao Long Bao more without the sauce and the hot broth was so good I slurped it first before eating the rest of the dumpling in two bites. It was so so good.

For the ribs, there wasn’t really anything special to it. It was pretty decent and regular for me.

Modern Shanghai Ribs

Value: Their signature Xiao Long Bao was priced at P198, Steamed Rice at P58 and Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Spicy Salt and Pepper at P288. It is pretty pricey, to be honest, but that is what you expect knowing it is a part of The Bistro Group. It is the same group that brought Manila TGI Fridays, Itallianis, Bulgogi Brothers, etc.

Overall Rating: As a first time eater of Xiao Long Bao, I’d definitely give this place five stars. It was very evident that it was their specialty and they knew what they were doing. However, I will be judging Modern Shanghai based on what I ordered and it includes the spareribs which makes me think twice about it. I won’t give it a low rating because I feel like if I do it would be biased. I’ll give it a safe rating of three stars and I’ll definitely go back to try more of what they have to offer in the future.

3 stars

/ / / / /

Mall of Asia

2/F South Veranda, Entertainment Mall,
SM Mall of Asia
Telephone No. +63 (02) 551-1110

Glorietta 2

3/F Glorietta 2
Telephone No. +63 (02) 828-2931 /
+63 (02) 556-4167


3 thoughts on “Review: Modern Shanghai – Xiao Long Bao”

  1. I saw in China they sell big ones where you can stuck your straw in and suck the juice out~ haha~~
    As for here they sell xiao long bao in Din Tai Fung~ I tasted it wasn’t really that great… perhaps it’s the branch that I went to~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can just imagine how big it is.. Haha, let me Google it.. 😛 (found one.. it’s so big)

      We don’t have Din Tai Fung here in Manila…yet. Hopefully once they open I can compare this restaurant with it.

      Liked by 1 person


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