Review: Mary Grace Cafe

After a long stressful day at work, Mike and I decided to have a quick bite at Mary Grace Cafe over at SM Southmall. This cafe has been established since 2002 (you can read there exciting story here) but it was my first time to try it! Talk about staying away from good food. 😛

Ambience: The whole feel of the place is very homey and laid back. They had mismatched pieces of furniture and super comfortable seats that make you feel right at home. What I liked most about their branch over at SM is this super cool lighting that features a moving/flying squeaky bird. It was pretty creepy at first but staring at it longer made me fascinated by it.

Mary Grace

Food/Drinks: Mike’s Leek and Safron Pasta was super light but it was so filling. It had strips of cream dory and knowing that we both loved fish, we absolutely enjoyed it. The sauce wasn’t too creamy but it was perfectly light and complimented the fish very well. The whole plate just came alive and all the ingredients mixed well together. On the other hand, I had a more classic dish – Vigan Longganisa with Rice and Eggs. I loved the longganisa but it was too small! Haha. If I didn’t practice control, I could’ve eaten the whole thing in a bite! 😛 I super love the garlicky yet spicy and salty taste of those little man made creations. Knowing I am on a “diet” the oil on my plate wasn’t very appetizing but somehow mixed all together it was pretty okay. I had to filter most of it out and just eat out of the small rice container. Oh and did I forget to mention the super amazing side dishes that came with my meal? I had unripe mangoes, suka (vinegar) and tomatoes mixed with mint and onions. It perfectly matched my longganisa meal.

The damage on our wallets for this meal is P276 for Mike’s Pasta while an astounding P335 for my longsilog*
*longsilog – a Filipino term for a longganisa, sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg) meal.

IMG_8978 IMG_8992 IMG_8976

For our drinks, I ordered a glass of Perfect Peach Iced Tea while Mike had a glass of Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea. Both drinks were super refreshing but I guess it’s due to my personal preference when I say that the peach was way better. Our drinks cost us P90 each. IMG_8977

Value: Our meal was pricey considering what we ordered. I mean you can eat a longsilog at your nearest carenderia for a cheaper price. I guess maybe I shouldn’t have ordered a longsilog if I wanted to have more value for my money. However, overall, I’d have to say that the whole experience was very fulfilling and it was so nice to have a new place to eat staple comfort foods. I just have to stay away from silog meals so I won’t go regret it afterwards. 😛

Overall Rating: I’d definitely go back to see what more they have besides the two we ordered. For a first timer, I’m giving Mary Grace Cafe a big thumbs up!


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SM Southmall – Cafe
Ground floor, Food Street
MON – SUN 10:00AM- 9:00PM
+632 919 1055
+63917 852 8636

To see full list of branches, check them out here


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