Birthday Dreams – A Wishlist


I am, as Mike likes to call it, in my late twenties! What! Where did all the years go? Saying my age out loud freaks me out a little bit because I really don’t feel like I’m twenty six. I feel like I’m still twenty one and just figuring things out. Life really is a never ending classroom. 

I’ve been down in the dumps this past week because of my dad and his “fight” for his life so I’ve been thinking of ways to cheer myself up. It may sound like a cliche but shopping, sorry, online window shopping has really been a mood booster for me.

I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces or better known as things I want to buy but don’t need.

First up are things for my closet. Just some key pieces that I think would be a great addition to my boring wardrobe collection. I especially love the black crochet hem top (placed at the middle) because it is such a funky piece and its definitely something I wouldn’t ever wear. Blame it on my body shape.

Birthday Wish2

Next are some bags I just adore! I love all three bags shown below and you can obviously see my obsession with black. Lately I’ve been wanting backpacks because my shoulders are beginning to ache from carrying my big bag of useless things to work. Maybe I’ll buy that backpack in the middle…we shall see.

I love how Lazada sells furniture from IKEA. I don’t know if buying such expensive furniture is worth it though. Are IKEA products really that good?

Birthday Wish1

Anyway, those are just some material things I’ve been day dreaming about. But what I’ve been day dreaming about is strength. I wish I could give everyone in my family strength and courage to withstand everything that we are going through. I wish that I could shower everyone patience and understanding. I wish, I wish, I wish upon a star.


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