Big Bangin’ August || Updates + More


Hello friends!If you might have noticed I have been MIA for about two weeks. The reason behind my “hiatus” is life happened. And I mean that in the most honest and sincere way.

Life has thrown my family A LOT of curved balls and we are all just trying to keep up which led me to my temporary break. I do not wish to go into a lot of details but I want to touch the tip of the iceberg for everyone to understand some choices I will be making.

People close to me have been diagnosed with life threatening diseases and it has been an eye opener because we live our lives so carefree at times and we just don’t realize how small things we do take its toll on our bodies. This series of unfortunate incidents has made me realize and motivated me to take everything I have done for my health a step further. I just will not accept these events negatively. Instead I will use them to motivate me to better my life in a lot more ways.

Time off really opened my eyes to my goals, inspirations and aspirations for my online space. Which leads me to my Big Banging updates!!! August is my birth month and I am thinking of giving myself a gift – my own domain! 🙂

**insert fireworks here**

I am so excited because I have always wanted my own ‘.com‘ and I am so thrilled to even play around with the idea. The official ‘launch’ of my ‘.com’ is initially scheduled to be on my birthday but I am still thinking about it real hard so nothing is really set yet.

Whew. I will be cleaning up my posts here and improving it for the mean time and I hope that you are as excited as I am.

Oh and ps, despite the positive outlook of this update…I am really sad and involving myself with blogging is a great time out from real life. 😐

– – – – –

Let me know what you think!! Drop me a comment.  


7 thoughts on “Big Bangin’ August || Updates + More”

  1. Sorry that things are hard 😦 I know that nothing I say will change anything BUT my family has been through and beat several incidents of life threateners, it is possible! A positive outlook makes a huge difference! And congrats on the .com!! I’ve been looking into that as well, if you happen upon any tips or tricks to make the transition I would love to hear them!

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