Blogging 101: A week’s worth

I decided to join Blogging 101 again and I promised myself to try a little harder to commit to the daily assignments and this post my proof that I am trying. I did miss a lot of topics but I did visit the commons in search for new blogs and give as much feedback as I can.

Anyway, I think I want to re-introduce myself and my blog a little more for this post. 🙂

My blog is all about food and trying to stay healthy. I started this blog to document my recipes and adventures as I try to have a normal BMI. I also decided to fully commit to this blog as a way of challenging myself to be more creative and learn how to express myself more. It is a very trial and error blog that focuses more on the process of trying.

My target audience is everyone! Everyone likes food and everyone has something to say about it. So if you are an anyone who makes up an everyone, follow this blog!! 😀 A tip I’d like to share to new bloggers reading this is to follow all type of bloggers. Do not limit yourself to blogs that have the same topic as you. Following other topics gives you a good mix which is great for getting ideas and receiving feedback.

When it comes to my blog, I am always myself. This blog is a perfect outlet for me to find out who I really am, as I go through a mid-life crisis (read: I don’t know what to do with my life, let me start a blog to try and explore my inner thoughts and feelings), and make life changing decisions. I think many people go through life without fully knowing themselves and end up living a life with regrets. I believe that the only way to have no regrets is to know yourself and be yourself 24/7.


I think I’ve rambled enough. Anyway, if you get to this part, thanks for reading and I do hope you have a happy weekend! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Blogging 101: A week’s worth”

    1. I always end up not doing the assignments and just staying in the commons going through blogs! Haha. I’ll try my best to do the assignments as well!!


  1. You will learn in time that life is about balance. Discipline is only a part of balance. You will be wiser to seek out truth about yourself rather than striving for perfection. Understanding that the answers already exist within yourself is an important start. The process will teach you how to see these answers and act upon them. Have fun with the journey.

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