Review: Garmin’s Vivofit2

This week’s review will be pretty different because I’ll be reviewing the Garmin Vivofit2! 

wearing it proud

One of the side goals of cooking my own food is losing weight and I knew early on that I had to add exercise in my life. As much as I tried, however, I just couldn’t fit exercise in my schedule. I was just too tired from work and always made sleep a priority over it.

My goal is simple, I just wanted to have 10,000 steps a day. I looked for fitness trackers on the market and the Vivofit2 was a perfect match for me. Priced a little less than 7,000 pesos, I really had to think if it would be worth my money.

I am sharing with you a video I watched that made me buy this gem.

It has a predecessor and its main difference would have to be the audible alarms. At first, I didn’t know which to choose between the two because the difference was so minimal. Check out the quick comparison between the two:

So as you can see, the Vivofit2 is perfect. It has all the basic functions of a fitness tracker that you need without complicating it too much.

tracker goals


  • It’s lightweight and not bulky.
  • It has date and time features, doubles as a watch.
  • Has an audible alarm that tells you you’ve been idle for too long. Also has a “move bar”
  • Background light 😀
  • Battery life is A++
  • You can set personal goals for yourself using Garmin Connect
  • Activities can be tracked separately


  • Step counter is a little inaccurate especially in moving vehicles (but this is expected, I heard, and the Vivofit2 is the most accurate one in the market)
  • Garmin Connect is ugly and the interface is not user friendly. As much as I want to sync my tracker all the time, I just opt not to.
  • When I listen to music, the audible alarm is no use.

What’s in the box?

There are two bands that come with it – small and large. Personally, I prefer using the large because in Manila’s humidity, I don’t like anything that sticks to my skin. 😦 There is also a USB dongle, which I haven’t used yet so I can’t tell you how to use it. And lastly some simple instruction manuals, which aren’t very helpful, to be honest. I had to Google how to start up my Vivofit2 which was a little annoying.

whats in the box

Rating: Even if the step feature is a little inaccurate, I still love the Garmin Vivofit2. The psychological effect of having a “watch” that alarms if you’ve been idle for too long is just superb. Also I love the “move bar.” If I didn’t hear the alarm because I was too busy with work, all I had to do was check if I had bars already! It makes me more conscious of how long I have been sitting down at work and not moving. This buy is totally worth it. I’m giving it 4 stars out of 5.



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