I’ve missed you

I have been away from my laptop for a complete week. Work has been totally exhausting. I need to render two hours OT and it sucks so much. I come home tired and there’s absolutely no way to check anything from this side of my life. 😦

i like infographics

Good thing I scheduled some posts to have my readers something new to check out last week even if they were just cute quotes I like and try to live by. I am also stocking up on scheduled posts for this week since I still have OT until Friday. OMG. I cannot honestly wait for this week to finish!!!!

Overtime has been affecting me so much I am even overeating. I don’t normally eat rice anymore but being Asian and stressed, I have been looking for rice so often I think I’m gaining weight. Haha. To be honest though, I think its just a psychological thing, I just need rice as energy and I give my body what it needs. I’d rather be fat and not hungry instead of starve myself to death to commit to a diet. Overtime has also not helped me cooking wise…I don’t have time to scroll for new ideas and cook my own meals. I’d really just rather sleep and relax.

Anyway, that’s about it. I just shared how stressed I am over work and how I really miss this side of my life. 😦



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